Train Your Pets to Stay Off Furniture with the DOGNESS Rechargeable Pet Shock Mat



Is your furry friend constantly jumping on furniture where they shouldn’t be? Stop them in their tracks with the DOGNESS Rechargeable Pet Shock Mat. This innovative indoor cat repellent mat delivers a safe but effective static pulse that trains your pets to stay off furniture, counters, and any other restricted areas.

Safe Static Pulse Keeps Pets Away

The DOGNESS Pet Shock Mat uses a harmless static pulse to correct and train your pet. When they step on the mat, they receive a light shock that startles them and teaches them not to go on that surface. The shock is similar to the static pulse you feel when touching a metal doorknob in winter. It surprises them but does not harm them in any way.

You control the intensity of the static pulse with low, medium and high settings. This allows you to tailor the strength appropriately for your pet’s size and temperament. Test different levels to find the right deterrent for your pet. The DOGNESS Pet Shock Mat is suitable for dogs and cats of all breeds and sizes.

Stops Unwanted Behavior and Jumping

Place the DOGNESS Pet Shock Mat on furniture, countertops, tables or any other area you want to keep your pet off of. The mat can cover a surface up to 60 x 15 inches, providing ample coverage for couches, counters, desks and more.

When your pet steps on the mat, they receive a startling yet harmless zap. This trains them to avoid stepping on that area in the future. With regular use of the shock mat, your pet will learn to stop unwanted behaviors like jumping on counters or scratching furniture. The shock mat keeps them away without harming them.

Rechargeable and Easy to Use

The DOGNESS Pet Shock Mat runs on a built-in rechargeable 1500mAh battery. A full charge provides up to 4 weeks of use. The battery level indicator lets you know when it’s time to recharge.

Operating the mat is simple with just one button to turn it on/off and select shock intensity. The mat also has a safety power-off feature. If your pet stays on the mat for over 5 seconds, it will automatically shut off to prevent overshocking.

The vibrant printing blends into your home decor while also clearly marking the restricted zone for your pets. The surface is washable for easy cleaning between uses.

Tested for Safety and Effectiveness

DOGNESS designed and tested the Pet Shock Mat to be an effective and humane training tool. We recommend using the included test pen to experience the static shock yourself before using it on your pets. This allows you to gauge an appropriate intensity level for your pets.

You can also touch two adjacent wires on the mat to trigger the shock. Test different voltage levels and find the minimum setting needed to startle your pet and deter them. Always supervise your pets when first introducing the mat into training.

Stop Unwanted Behavior in Your Pets

The DOGNESS Pet Shock Mat is the safe, effective and convenient way to train your cats and dogs. Simply place it on off-limit areas and let the mat do the training for you. In no time, your pets will learn to avoid the mat and stop unwanted jumping, scratching and other behaviors.

Order the DOGNESS Rechargeable Pet Shock Mat today and take control of your furniture and home again! Your pets will learn their boundaries while staying safe and unharmed.


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