Train Your Dog without Shock – Humane Citronella Bark Collar with Remote



Stop unwanted barking and behaviors in a more effective, humane and safer way with the Citronella Bark Collar with Remote. This innovative collar utilizes a burst of harmless citronella spray, vibration, and beep tones to correct and train your dog – with faster results than shock collars.

3 Training Modes for Fast, Humane Results

The remote-operated collar features 3 adjustable modes so you can customize training for your specific needs:

  • Citronella Spray + Beep – Emits a quick burst of citronella when your dog barks or misbehaves. The spray surprises them into stopping, while the beep acts as a warning tone.
  • Vibration + Beep – Buzzes near their neck to get their attention. The beep follows as a deterrent signal.
  • Beep Only – Beep tones provide an audible warning cue to interrupt and deter barking or other unwanted habits.

You can easily switch between modes with the remote to find the most effective correction. The citronella spray and vibration offer physical deterrents, while the beep provides a verbal disruptor – use alone or combine modes for customized training.

More Humane, Safer and Effective

Citronella spray provides a safe, non-toxic and more humane alternative to shock collars. The spray surprises and distracts your dog from barking without causing pain or fear.

Numerous studies have shown citronella spray to be highly effective in reducing barking and training dogs. The scent provides a natural correction that dogs want to avoid.

Collars that emit harmless citronella spray are recommended by dog trainers and behaviorists for being more effective and less risky than shock collars. Citronella provides positive interrupters to train your dog without pain, fear or aggression.

Adjustable, Durable and Waterproof

The collar is designed for comfort, durability and convenience:

  • Adjustable nylon collar fits neck sizes 10 to 30 inches
  • Rugged, rip-resistant strap with premium zinc alloy buckle
  • Rechargeable lithium battery lasts 15-20 days per charge
  • Waterproof for use in light rain and wet conditions
  • Correction level adjustable for high or low citronella spray
  • Collar weighs only 2 oz for comfort

The durable, rip-resistant nylon collar stays firmly in place while the zinc alloy buckle withstands chewing. Adjust straps to find the perfect fit to maximize spray effectiveness.

Stop Unwanted Barking and Behaviors

Use this humane citronella bark collar to help train your dog and correct unwanted behaviors such as:

  • Excessive or nuisance barking
  • Jumping up on people
  • Aggression towards other dogs or people
  • Chasing cars or animals
  • Digging or destructive chewing
  • Leash pulling

The remote-controlled collar allows you to deliver instant corrections from a distance of up to 1,000 ft. The citronella spray, vibration and beep tones get your dog’s attention, interrupting the unwanted behavior so you can redirect to positive reinforcement training.

With consistent use, your dog will associate the collar sensations with undesired behaviors and learn to avoid repeating them. Quickly train your dog to stop barking excessively, walking nicely on leash, and other good manners.

Train a Well-Behaved Dog with Safe, Effective Citronella Corrections

Use positive interrupters, not punishment. The citronella collar provides a safe and more humane alternative to shock collars to help train a well-behaved dog.

The 3 modes give you flexible options to find the right deterrents to discourage problem barking and behaviors in your unique dog. Customize training with spray, vibration and beeping tones.

Stop unwanted barking and correct bad habits with consistent use of safe, effective citronella corrections. The convenient remote makes it easy to respond instantly to misbehavior, even from a distance.

Train your dog in a positive, humane way. Order the Citronella Bark Collar with Remote today!


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