Train Your Dog with This Effective and Humane Dual-Dog Shock Collar



Is your dog’s behavior becoming an issue? Are they constantly barking, jumping, or pulling on the leash during walks? As a dog owner, we want to correct these behaviors to make sure our furry friends are happy and healthy. But we also want to do it humanely and effectively. That’s where the Bousnic dog shock collar comes in.

Safe, Adjustable Static Shock

The Bousnic collar has a safe shock feature with 16 adjustable levels so you can find the right setting for your dog. The lower levels provide more of a tingle sensation to get your dog’s attention. While the higher levels give a more corrective static shock, but without risk of harm. The shock is designed to surprise them, not hurt them. We only recommend using the higher shock levels as a last resort for severe behavior issues.

Add Beep and Vibration for Positive Reinforcement

In addition to the shock, the collar also has beep and vibration modes. We recommend using these as your “go-to” for regular training. The beep tone acts as a warning cue to tell your dog the shock is coming if they don’t cease the behavior. While the vibration is great for getting your dog’s attention and reinforcing positive behaviors. Use treats and praise when they respond to the vibration to help reinforce the training.

Train 2 Dogs Simultaneously

Do you have more than one furry friend in need of training? The Bousnic collar comes with a remote that lets you train two dogs at the same time. The remote pairs with two separate collars, each with their own set of correction settings. This allows you to reinforce training with both dogs so they learn together.

Reinforce Obedience Training

While indoor obedience training is great, it’s just as important to reinforce those lessons outdoors. Whether at the park, beach, hiking trails, or even your own backyard, you want your dog to obey commands no matter the environment. The Bousnic collar gives you that power with a range of up to 1,000 ft. Giving you the flexibility to reinforce training wherever you take them.

Comfortable, Waterproof Collar

We know you worry about your dog’s comfort and safety. That’s why the Bousnic collar is designed with comfort in mind. The collar itself is made from durable but lightweight nylon with adjustable sizing from 6 to 27 inches. Ensuring a perfect fit for dogs weighing 8 to 120 lbs. It’s also completely waterproof with an IPX7 rating. So you can feel confident using it outdoors, even in the rain or snow.

Long-Lasting Built-In Battery

You don’t want to run out of “juice” in the middle of an important training session. The rechargeable lithium battery on the Bousnic collar lasts up to 15 days at a time. While the remote lasts over a month between charges! When it is time to recharge, it only takes 2-3 hours to reach full capacity again. Plus, the charging cable plugs into any standard USB outlet or phone charger for convenience.

Key Features:

Static shock with 16 adjustable levels from mild tingle to more corrective
Beep and vibration modes for positive reinforcement
Remote controls collars on 2 dogs simultaneously
1,000 ft range lets you reinforce training anywhere
Waterproof collar designed for comfort
Built-in lithium battery lasts 15 days (collar) or 1 month (remote)

Correct Your Dog’s Behavioral Problems:

Excessive barking
Jumping on people
Aggression towards other dogs
Chasing cars or people on bikes
Pulling on the leash during walks
Not listening to commands
Running away or roaming off

What’s Included:

2 lightweight, adjustable nylon collars
2 collar receivers with conductive silicone prongs
1 remote control with wrist strap
2 charging cables (1 for remote, 1 for collars)
Training guide with tips for use

Give Your Dog the Gift of Good Behavior

As dog owners, we just want happy and obedient pets. The Bousnic shock collar helps you reinforce training to correct unwanted behaviors gently yet effectively. With the ability to train two dogs at once and the convenience of the rechargeable battery, this collar has everything you need. Give your dogs the gift of good behavior with this safe, humane, and easy-to-use shock collar today.


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