Train Your Dog to Stop Unwanted Barking with the Humane Citronella Bark Collar



Does your dog’s constant barking drive you and your neighbors crazy? Barking is a natural behavior for dogs, but excessive and unnecessary barking can be annoying and stressful for you and others. Shouting or punishing your dog to try to make them stop usually doesn’t work and can make the problem worse. A more effective and humane solution is the Citronella Bark Collar!

How the Citronella Bark Collar Safely Stops Barking

This innovative citronella bark collar provides a safe, effective no-shock training method to teach your dog to stop unnecessary barking. When your dog barks, the collar detects the sound and vibrates as a warning. If your dog continues barking, the collar releases a quick, harmless spray of citronella near your dog’s nose. Dogs don’t like the smell of citronella, so this interrupts the barking and motivates them to be quiet to avoid further sprays.

Over time, your dog associates their barking with the unpleasant citronella scent and learns to stop barking unnecessarily to avoid the spray. The collar trains your dog without causing any pain or discomfort. This positive, humane training method stops your dog’s excessive barking without punishment or cruelty.

Customizable Settings for All Dogs

The citronella bark collar is adjustable and customizable to suit any dog’s needs:

  • Fits neck sizes from 6 to 27 inches – perfect for small, medium and large breed dogs
  • 3 spray volume levels – adjustable spray amount for small or large dogs
  • 3 sensitivity levels – adjustable sound detection to avoid false triggers
  • 1 warning beep before spraying
  • Automatically sprays after second bark warning

These adjustable features make the collar easy to customize for your individual dog. You can fine-tune the settings to detect your dog’s bark, but not react to other noises to avoid false corrections. The progressive 1 beep, spray correction sequence allows the collar to get your dog’s attention, without over-correcting.

Safe, Waterproof and Humane Design

This citronella bark collar is designed for your dog’s comfort, safety and wellbeing:

  • Lightweight, adjustable nylon collar strap
  • Plastic contacts gently touch dog’s neck to detect vibrations
  • Waterproof up to submersion in 1 meter of water
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery – charges in 2-3 hours
  • Battery lasts 5-7 days per charge
  • Automatically shuts off after excessive barking to prevent over-correction
  • Safety feature stops spraying after 15 seconds if collar is triggered continuously

The collar is fully waterproof so your dog can play and get wet while wearing it. The lightweight, adjustable collar strap provides a secure but gentle fit. The plastic contacts softly touch your dog’s neck to detect bark vibrations, without poking or pinching.

Multiple built-in safety features prevent over-correction, while the rechargeable battery provides long-lasting power. The collar is also more eco-friendly and cost effective than disposable battery-powered units.

Train Your Dog to Stop Barking and Be a Good Neighbor

Excessive and nuisance barking can result in unhappy neighbors, noise complaints and even legal issues. But you don’t have to resort to shock collars or other painful methods to stop this behavior. The safe, humane citronella bark collar gently trains your dog to stop barking unnecessarily:

  • Stops barking without hurting or scaring your dog
  • Avoids neighbor complaints and barking fines/tickets
  • Allows you to leave your dog at home without barking anxiety
  • Teaches good manners without punishment or cruelty

Within a few weeks of consistent use, the collar will help your dog learn to relax and control nuisance barking. We stand behind this safe, effective training method with our 180-day money back guarantee. Get your peace and quiet back and train your dog to stop barking today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the spray correction work?

The collar releases a quick, harmless spray of citronella near your dog’s nose when they bark. The unpleasant citronella scent interrupts your dog’s barking and motivates them to be quiet to avoid further spray corrections.

Is citronella safe for dogs?

Yes, citronella is non-toxic for dogs. It has a strong scent they dislike, but the quick spritz does not harm your dog in any way.

How is the collar activated?

The collar uses a microphone and vibration sensor to detect your dog’s barking. Adjustable sound sensitivity prevents false corrections from background noises.

Will the spray collar work for my dog?

The fully adjustable settings allow the collar to be customized for dogs of any size and barking levels. Consistent use will train your dog to reduce excessive barking.

Can I use the collar for puppy barking?

We recommend the collar for dogs 6 months and older. Puppies under 6 months may not understand the connection between barking and the spray correction.

How long should my dog wear the bark collar?

For best results, your dog should wear the citronella collar during main problem barking times, such as when left alone. Most dogs show significant improvement within 2-4 weeks with consistent use.

Will the collar stop barking completely?

The collar trains your dog to stop unnecessary barking demands and nuisance barking. But occasional “alarm” barking, like at strangers, is normal dog communication that cannot be entirely stopped.

Train your dog humanely and effectively to stop nuisance barking with the safe, customizable citronella bark collar. Order today and take control of excessive barking and improve your dog’s manners and behavior.


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