Train Your Dog to Heel with the BUMBIN Shock-Absorbing Bungee Dog Leash



Give your dog the freedom to explore while keeping them safe and secure with the BUMBIN 6Ft Bungee Dog Leash. This heavy-duty leash features a unique bungee design that gently absorbs tension when your dog lunges or pulls, preventing arm strain and potential injuries. Despite its flexibility, this leash maintains exceptional control so you can train your pet to heel and walk politely on a loose leash.

Dual Padded Handles Give You Better Control

Unlike regular leashes with a single handle, the BUMBIN dog leash has two padded handles for enhanced control. The main handle features a comfort-grip neoprene padding to prevent rope burn on your hands. Further down the leash is an additional traffic handle you can use when passing close to other people or dogs. Having two handle options allows you to gain more control over your dog in busy areas.

Bungee Design Absorbs Shock and Tension

This leash features a unique bungee design that stretches to absorb force when your dog lunges or pulls in an unexpected direction. The elasticity cushions any sudden jerking motions to prevent arm, shoulder and wrist strain. It also reduces the risk of injuries for both you and your dog by smoothing out abrupt movements. Despite the bungee flexibility, this leash maintains excellent control to stop your dog from wandering off.

Reflective Threading for Safe Night Walks

Don’t let the darkness stop your evening dog walks! The BUMBIN dog leash contains luminous reflective threading from end-to-end so you and your dog remain visible after sunset. The high-visibility reflective strips illuminate brightly when light hits them. Drivers will be able to spot you from a distance, keeping you safe during nighttime use.

Durable Metal Buckle with 360° Rotation

A high-quality metal buckle connects securely to your dog’s collar or harness while allowing freedom of movement. The sturdy alloy buckle rotates a full 360° to prevent tangling as your dog explores around you. The smooth swiveling action also allows you to spin and change directions without interrupting your walk. The metal buckle and eye splice are extremely durable to withstand daily use with dogs of any size.

Use as a Car Restraint for Added Safety

In addition to daily walks, the BUMBIN dog leash doubles as a car restraint to keep your dog safe and secure inside vehicles. Simply attach the metal clip to your dog’s harness and the other end to the seat belt. This prevents your dog from roaming freely inside the car, which can be dangerous and distracting while driving. The bungee design absorbs momentum in the event of sudden stops, protecting your dog from injury.

Available in Multiple Fun Colors

The BUMBIN dog leash comes in a rainbow of fun, vibrant colors so you can pick your dog’s favorite or match their personality. Available colors include blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red and more. The colorful nylon leash material is durable enough for daily use while adding a pop of brightness to your walks.

Designed for Small, Medium and Large Dogs

This leash is suitable for dogs of all sizes, from tiny pups to large breeds. The 6 foot length gives dogs adequate room to move and explore, while still keeping them within arm’s reach. The bungee design makes it flexible enough for small dogs yet strong enough for large, powerful breeds. Customers report excellent experiences using this leash with breeds of any size.

Satisfaction Guaranteed with 1-Year Warranty

BUMBIN stands behind the quality of their products with a 1-year warranty. We will provide a replacement leash or refund if you experience any issues due to manufacturing defects. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. With care and proper use, this bungee dog leash is built to last through years of daily walks.

Give your dog freedom of movement and keep their joints relaxed on walks with the BUMBIN Shock-Absorbing Bungee Dog Leash. The dual handles, bungee design, reflective threading and rotating buckle make this leash as functional as it is stylish.


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