Train Like The Dog Whisperer with the Cesar Millan Slip Lead Leash



As seen used by world-renowned dog behavior expert Cesar Millan, the Cesar Millan Slip Lead Leash is an innovative 2-in-1 training tool that combines a slip collar and sturdy leash in one convenient product. Lovingly crafted to bring out the best in your four-legged friend, this premium leash provides exceptional control and safety for daily walks and training sessions.

Thoughtful Design Tailored for Canines of All Sizes

Meticulously designed by dog lovers for dog lovers, every detail of the Cesar Millan Slip Lead Leash is purposefully crafted with your pup’s needs in mind. With a length of 4 feet and a thickness of 4/10 inches, this leash is ideal for small to medium breed dogs under 60lbs. The carefully considered dimensions allow you to maintain full control over your dog without the bulk and hassle of a full-sized leash.

Enhanced Safety Features for Peace of Mind

At the core of the Cesar Millan Slip Lead Leash is an unrelenting commitment to your dog’s safety and wellbeing. The leash rope is made of durable and weatherproof material that can withstand the elements. The sturdy metal clasp keeps the leash securely fastened at all times.

Most importantly, the collar section is equipped with an anti-choke lock tab that prevents excessive tightening and pulling force around your dog’s neck area. This thoughtful safety addition reduces the risk of choking and trachea damage even when your excited pooch is pulling. You can take your furry friend on worry-free walks knowing the leash has built-in safeguards in place.

Effortlessly Address Pulling Issues

If you have an overly excited dog that loves to pull during walks, the Cesar Millan Slip Lead Leash is the perfect training tool for you. As an experienced dog trainer, Cesar Millan designed this leash to specifically address and correct pulling issues through its intuitive slip collar system.

Here’s how it works:

The collar section tightens slightly when your dog starts pulling, triggering a gentle corrective sensation. This gives your dog feedback to stop pulling. As soon as your dog stops pulling, the collar loosens to its normal size. This mechanism allows your dog to self-correct and learn not to pull over time.

In addition, the leash is equipped with a heavy-duty lock tab and rubber tab for extra pulling resistance and control when needed. With consistent use, your dog will learn to walk calmly next to you without excessive pulling and choking.

Convenient 2-in-1 Design

The versatile slip leash design eliminates the need for a standard collar or harness. Simply form the leash into a loop and slip it over your dog’s head. Adjust the loop to find a snug but comfortable fit around the neck.

Thanks to the quick clasp system, taking your dog on and off leash takes seconds. No more fiddling with tricky buckles! The integrated design also reduces tangling since there are no dangling clips or rings.

Bringing your best friend on daily strolls and dog training sessions is now quicker, simpler and more convenient.

Intuitive Feedback for Effective Training

What makes the Cesar Millan Slip Lead Leash exceptionally effective as a training tool is the power of instant feedback. The sliding loop tightens slightly with pulling force, delivering a split-second corrective sensation that relays to your dog not to pull. This allows your dog to learn proper leash manners through the leash itself.

The more your dog pulls, the more tension is triggered via the slip knot mechanism. This tension gently presses on sensitive points around the neck, throat and behind the ears. When the tension activates, your dog eased off the pulling since the sensation is uncomfortable. As soon as your dog stops pulling, the tension dissipates as the leash returns to a loose state.

This instant feedback loop engrains leash training basics like:

Walk next to the owner without pulling
No lunging towards distractions
No crossing in front of the owner
With regular use of the Cesar Millan training leash, your dog will quickly understand to walk politely on a loose leash for the most comfort. This leash sensitively yet effectively corrects behavior through intuitive feedback only.

Quality Craftsmanship You Can Trust

Designed to elevate dogs and owners alike, the Cesar Millan Slip Lead Leash screams premium quality with its handsome design and durable, weatherproof construction. The rope leash is made using a tightly braided microfilament with incredible tensile strength. This material can withstand heavy pulling and frantic activity without fraying or tearing.

The sturdy rope also provides just the right amount of “give” to avoid jarring jerks if your dog does pull. For additional durability, the rope is coated in vinyl for water resistance and easy cleaning.

The heavy-duty metal clasp at the end of the leash and built-in lock tab on the collar section are made of solid zinc alloy that maintains its integrity over years of use.

Built to be virtually chew-proof, this thoughtfully crafted leash is made to handle pups who are ruff on their gear. With proper care, the Cesar Millan leash will be your trusted training partner for years to come.

Matching Vibrant Colors

Available in bright, fashionable colors, the Cesar Millan leash injects some stylish flair into your daily dog walks. Choose from bold reds, blues, and greens to complement your dog’s unique look and personality.

The punchy colors also increase nighttime visibility for added safety during evening strolls. Now you can look as fetching as your four-legged friend!

Embark on Worry-Free Walks

Go ahead – take your excitable pup out for adventure and bonding time, knowing this thoughtfully designed leash has their wellbeing covered.

With its smart slip collar design, safety features, and cutting-edge materials, the Cesar Millan training leash gives you superior control while being gentle on your dog’s neck and trachea. Start reclaiming the joy of walking your energetic pooch with this game-changing leash.

The Cesar Millan Slip Lead Leash – innovatively engineered to unleash your dog’s stellar behavior. Bring out the best in your faithful companion with dog whisperer approved training gear.

Order today and embark on calm, happy walks with your canine buddy.


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