Top-Rated Dog Kennel Leads for Grooming, Daycare & Veterinarian Use



Control & Secure Your Pets with These Bulk Slip Leashes for Animal Care Professionals
Do you operate a dog grooming salon, daycare, or veterinarian office? Do you need reliable leashes to safely and quickly secure dogs for handling procedures? Look no further than our bulk set of professional-grade slip leads designed specifically for animal care facilities. With six 1-inch wide leashes per pack, you’ll have plenty of leads on hand to handle multiple dogs at once.

Effortless Control for Safe Handling
The simple yet ingenious design of our slip leads allows you to easily control dogs of any size during grooming, exams, boarding, or playtime. Simply slide the metal ring over your dog’s head and gently tighten the lead. Unlike traditional collars which can loosen or slip off, these leads gently tighten around your dog’s neck when pulled taut. This gives you much better control and security than a traditional leash, which is crucial for safe handling. The leads also loosen when not taut, preventing choking hazards.

Thick, Durable Construction for Heavy Use
With their premium 1-inch width, these leashes are thicker and more heavy duty than standard leads. This provides extra strength and durability to stand up to daily use with multiple dogs. The high-quality nylon is abrasion-resistant to prevent fraying over time. Constructed with your needs in mind, our leashes will provide reliable performance for years of grooming, boarding, and vet handling.

O-Rings for Quick, No Fuss Use
The O-ring design allows these leads to be instantly slipped over any dog’s head and tightened as needed. There’s no collar or clip required – just slip on and go. This makes it incredibly easy to quickly leash dogs for procedures or moving between kennels and play areas. When your job involves handling many pets at once, being able to securely leash a dog in seconds is a huge time saver.

Essential for Grooming Salons, Daycares & Vet Offices
Our slip leads were created with professional animal care facilities in mind. The convenience and control they provide make these leads essential gear for:

Dog Grooming Salons – Safely control dogs during washing, drying, trimming, nail clipping, and more. The leads won’t easily slip off wet, soapy dogs.
Dog Daycares – Eliminate escapes by securely leashing dogs when moving between outdoor play areas, feeding, or kenneling for naps. Easily leash multiple dogs for group walks and potty breaks.
Veterinarian Clinics – Control nervous or difficult dogs during exams and procedures. The gentle tightening gives you control without adding fear or stress.
Dog Training Facilities – Perfect for quickly leashing dogs for training sessions and easily controlling them on premises.
Animal Rescues & Shelters – Useful for handling newly arrived dogs of unknown temperament. Allows securely walking dogs unfamiliar with leashes.
Pet Boarding Facilities – Leash boarding dogs for moving about kennels and play areas. Prevent escapes during feeding time.
High Value Bulk Packs for Serious Savings
Why pay a premium for leads at pet shops when you can buy in bulk directly from the manufacturer? Our multi-packs offer serious savings for high volume users like yourself. The 6-pack offers enough leads for multiple staff members so you’ll always have a leash handy when needed. At this bulk quantity, you save 28% per lead compared to buying individually. Why waste money buying leads one at a time when you use them everyday? Take advantage of our bulk pricing and ensure your business always has enough leads in stock.

We know operating a successful pet care business takes reliable gear you can count on day after day. That’s why we back our leashes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re ever unsatisfied with the quality or performance, simply contact us for a full refund or replacement.

Provide your pets top-notch care and attention while keeping them under control with our convenient slip leads. Order a bulk pack for your business today!


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