Take Control of Walks with the CHMETE Short Dog Leash for Medium and Large Dogs



Tired of your dog pulling you down the street or lunging towards every distraction during walks? Struggling to control an overexcited pup around traffic or other dogs? The CHMETE Short Dog Leash is the training tool you need to take control of walks and reinforce good leash manners.

With its padded handle and heavy-duty construction, this short leash gives you unmatched control over medium and large dogs up to 80lbs. The 5 foot length prevents your dog from wandering while still providing comfortable movement.

Key Features:
Superior Control for Pulling and Lunging

The short 5 foot length of this leash gives you much better control over your dog compared to standard 6 foot options. You’ll have the leverage needed to easily rein in pulling, lunging, and other unwanted behaviors. The short lead keeps your dog close, preventing wandering, sniffing in off-limit areas, and reacting to distractions.

Reflective Stitching for Safety

Walks often happen when visibility is low at dawn, dusk, and night. This leash has reflective stitching along both sides, making you and your dog visible to traffic. No more worrying about cars seeing you during evening strolls.

Thick, Heavy Duty Build

Constructed from durable nylon, this leash will hold up to strong pullers and constant use without fraying. It’s designed for medium and large breed dogs up to 80lbs, with a heavy duty clasp that won’t bend or break. The leash won’t snap or stretch under pressure.

Comfortable Padded Handle

The handle is wrapped in a soft foam padding that’s easy on your hands. Walks are much more enjoyable without the handle digging into your palms. The padding gives you a comfortable, slip-free grip so you can focus on your dog.

360 Degree Swivel Clip

A rotating bolt clip attaches the leash to your dog’s collar or harness while preventing twisting and tangling. The smooth swiveling action keeps the leash from getting twisted up during walks.

Take Control of Your Dog and Enjoy Walks Again
Do you dread going for walks because your dog is impossible to handle on leash? This short leash gives you the control you need to train your dog and make walks relaxing again. Key training areas it will help with include:

➜ Pulling – Keep your dog close to put an end to pulling. Correct unwanted pulling by changing direction.

➜ Lunging – Prevent your dog from lunging at squirrels, people, and other dogs by limiting access.

➜ Wandering – Keep your dog focused on you instead of wandering off to sniff everything.

➜ Crossing streets – Maintain control as you walk your dog across streets and intersections.

➜ Greeting people – Stop jumping by keeping your excited pup contained.

➜ Leash reactivity – Minimize barking and lunging triggered by the presence of other dogs.

Proper leash handling skills are essential for any dog owner. This short leash finally gives you the easy control needed to reinforce those skills in your medium or large dog.

Regain your confidence walking your dog, even in distracting environments. Take back control on your next walk with the CHMETE Short Dog Leash.


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