Stop Excessive Barking and Train Your Dog with This Safe, Humane, and Effective Citronella Bark Collar



Does your dog’s constant barking drive you and your neighbors crazy? Excessive and nuisance barking can be frustrating, but you don’t have to resort to cruel shock collars to control it. Our Citronella Bark Collar offers a safe, humane, and intelligent way to stop and correct excessive barking using a harmless citronella spray.

This innovative bark collar detects your dog’s bark and releases a quick spray of citronella near your dog’s nose to interrupt and deter barking. The citronella scent is unpleasant but completely harmless. Your dog will learn to associate nuisance barking with this scent and quickly understand to reduce this unwanted behavior.

Our collar uses advanced sensing technology to distinguish between nuisance barking and other noises. The microphone in the collar intelligently detects and sprays only when your dog barks excessively, not for other noises like environmental sounds, whining, or excited barks when playing. This targeted correction helps train your dog precisely when barking has become a real problem.

Key Features of Our Citronella Bark Collar:

  • Safe, humane, and effective citronella spray correction
  • No electric shock – does not hurt or harm your dog
  • Advanced microphone accurately detects nuisance barking
  • Adjustable spray volume and sensitivity settings
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 7 days per charge
  • Fully waterproof design for play and exercise
  • Automatically activates when barking detected
  • Stops barking quickly but does not punish good behavior
  • Works for dogs of all sizes – small, medium, and large

Stop Problem Barking Without Harm

Excessive and unrestrained barking can cause issues with neighbors and disrupt your household. But punishing your dog or using shock collars can damage your bond and cause additional behavior problems. Our citronella bark collar offers a safe, effective solution.

The spray emitted near your dog’s nose has an unpleasant citronella scent but causes absolutely no pain or harm. The spray simply interrupts barking and signals to your dog to stop. Your dog will learn that unnecessary barking results in this unpleasant sensation and will quickly reduce excessive vocalizations.

You can adjust both the volume of spray and sensitivity of the microphone to suit your dog’s specific needs. The collar has a fully waterproof design, so your dog can play, exercise, or get wet while wearing it comfortably.

The rechargeable battery lasts up to 7 days per charge, so you don’t have to worry about constantly removing and charging the collar. An LED light indicates when battery power is low.

Customize Correction Sensitivity

Every dog’s barking habits are unique. That’s why our bark collar allows you to customize correction levels based on your dog’s specific sensitivity and barking frequency.

Use the collar’s adjustable settings to control the volume of citronella spray for the level of interruption your dog needs. Increase volume for very frequent or intense nuisance barking.

You can also adjust microphone sensitivity levels to influence when citronella is sprayed. Set the collar to high sensitivity for dogs that bark often and need frequent reminders. Choose low sensitivity for dogs that bark less but still need occasional correction.

Test the collar’s spray function with your “woof” command before first use so you know it’s working properly. Make any adjustments needed for your dog’s comfort and effective training.

How Our Citronella Bark Collar Works

  1. Your dog barks frequently due to noise, loneliness, boredom, or demand barking
  2. The microphone in the collar detects the barking sound pattern
  3. The collar emits a quick spray burst near your dog’s nose within 1 second of the bark
  4. Your dog is briefly interrupted and the citronella scent lingers near its nose
  5. Your dog associates nuisance barking with this unpleasant sensation
  6. Barking frequency decreases as your dog learns to curb unwanted vocalization

With consistent use, most dogs show significant barking reduction within 2-3 weeks. But the learning process is gentle, with no pain or harsh punishments. Your dog simply associates the citronella scent with when not to bark and understands to limit vocalization to appropriate times and circumstances.

The collar causes no harm or pain even if barking persists. But for most dogs, this negative reinforcement method quickly works to eliminate excessive barking without ongoing citronella corrections needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the citronella spray safe for my dog?

Yes, the citronella formula used causes no injuries or discomfort, just an unpleasant scent dogs wish to avoid. It interrupts nuisance barking and signals your dog to stop vocalizing.

Will the collar deter good behavior like play barking?

No, the intelligent microphone detects true nuisance barking and ignores excited barks during play or other normal vocalizations. Correction is targeted only on repetitive, unrestrained nuisance barking.

How long does the battery last before recharging?

The lithium battery provides up to 7 days of use on a single 2-3 hour charge. Charging is quick and easy with the included USB cable. The light indicates when a charge is needed.

Can my dog wear the collar when swimming or bathing?

The waterproof collar can handle rain, splashes, and activity outdoors, but should be removed before bathing or swimming to protect the electronic components inside.

Do you offer replacements if the product is defective?

Yes, we provide full refunds or replacement collars if you experience any defects or issues with the product not performing as described. We stand behind our citronella bark collars completely.

Get Control of Problem Barking Today

Excessive, unrestrained barking can negatively impact your life and relationship with your dog. Our safe, humane, and intelligent Citronella Bark Collar uses proven negative reinforcement to correct this behavior quickly and effectively. Reduce nuisance barking and enjoy a calmer, quieter home environment without punishment or pain for your pup.


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