Purina DentaLife Cat Dental Treats, Chicken Flavor – 19 oz



Give your feline friend the gift of good dental health with Purina DentaLife Cat Dental Treats. These veterinarian-recommended treats are specially formulated to clean teeth and freshen breath as your cat crunches and chews.

Specially Designed to Clean Teeth

The unique texture of Purina DentaLife treats helps scrub away plaque and tartar on all surfaces of your cat’s teeth. These treats feature a porous, crunchy texture that is more abrasive than traditional cat treats. This allows the treat to penetrate crevices between teeth and along the gumline to clean thoroughly. The abrasive texture also helps remove built-up tartar that can lead to bad breath and other dental problems.

Delicious Taste Cats Love

Purina DentaLife Cat Dental Treats have a tasty chicken flavor that cats go crazy for! These treats contain no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives – just real chicken flavor from natural sources that your cat will find irresistible. You can feel good giving your cat something delicious that also improves their dental health.

Veterinarian Recommended

Purina DentaLife Cat Dental Treats are recommended by veterinarians for optimal feline oral health. The unique shape and texture are scientifically designed to clean teeth down to the gumline as your cat chews. Veterinarians often recommend daily dental treats as part of a complete oral care routine.

Freshens Breath While Cleaning Teeth

These dental treats from Purina freshen your cat’s breath while cleaning their teeth. As plaque and tartar are removed by the abrasive texture, bacteria is also removed to reduce bad breath. Your cat will have noticeably cleaner and freshened breath within a few weeks of daily treat consumption.

Made in USA Facilities

You can have peace of mind knowing Purina DentaLife Cat Dental Treats are made right here in the USA with globally sourced ingredients. They are crafted in Purina-owned and operated facilities under stringent standards for quality and safety.

Easy to Add to Your Cat’s Routine

It’s easy to make dental care a part of your cat’s daily routine. Simply give them 1-2 treats per day for optimal dental health. Cats of all ages love these tasty treats. You can give them as a reward, for training, or add a few pieces to their food bowl. A 19 oz container provides a long-lasting supply for your cat.

Complete Oral Health Care

For best results, use Purina DentaLife Cat Dental Treats as part of a complete feline oral care routine. Regular teeth brushing, veterinary cleanings and dental exams are also recommended. Using dental treats in conjunction with other care helps promote complete oral health.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Purina stands behind the quality of their products. If you are not fully satisfied with Purina DentaLife Cat Dental Treats, you can return the unused portion for a full refund or replacement. Purina provides 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Give your cat the oral health they deserve with Purina DentaLife Cat Dental Treats. Your cat will love the delicious chicken flavor while benefiting from the unique teeth cleaning texture. For clean teeth, fresh breath, and stellar feline health – choose Purina DentaLife today!


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