Protect Your Precious Pup with the Comfortable Elizabethan Donut Collar for Small Dogs



Is your small dog recovering from surgery or an injury that requires limiting licking and biting? As a loving pet owner, you want to keep them comfortable while also preventing further harm. That’s why our Elizabethan donut collar for small dogs is the perfect solution!

This innovative design combines the protective benefits of a traditional cone with the comfort of a padded pillow. The result is a dog cone that doesn’t block your pet’s vision or restrict movement – so they can relax, eat, drink, and play while healing.

Customizable Comfort for Small Breeds

Our Elizabethan dog collar is specially designed for small dog breeds like chihuahuas, dachshunds, shih tzus, pugs, and more. The soft, pillow-like material surrounds their neck to prevent licking and biting wounds. And the adjustable drawstring ensures a custom fit for ultimate comfort.

We offer multiple sizes to accommodate everything from teeny tiny teacup dogs to medium small breeds. Just follow our easy sizing chart to find the perfect fit for your furry friend. The collar should fit snugly without restricting breathing or movement.

Waterproof & Padded for Protection and Comfort

The Elizabethan dog collar is constructed from high-quality waterproof fabric to protect wounds from moisture and germs. The interior features a super soft microfiber filling that cushions your dog’s neck while recovering.

Unlike rigid plastic cones, our design won’t bang into door frames or block your dog’s vision. The soft fabric lets them relax, eat, drink water, and play while protecting injuries.

Adjustable Drawstring for Customizable Fit

Getting the proper fit is crucial when it comes to effective recovery collars. Our design features an adjustable drawstring that customizes the size for your dog’s neck.

Simply place the collar over your dog’s head and gently tighten the drawstring for a snug, comfortable fit. You can easily loosen or tighten the collar as needed for maximum comfort.

For especially wiggly pups, tie a knot in the drawstring after getting the ideal fit. This helps prevent them from pulling the collar off.

Benefits of Our Elizabethan Dog Collar

✔ Protects wounds from licking, biting, and scratching

✔ Soft, padded material cushions dog’s neck

✔ Lets your dog eat, drink, see, and move freely

✔ Adjustable drawstring for customizable fit

✔ Waterproof fabric protects from moisture

✔ Works for small dog breeds of all sizes

✔ Easy to put on and take off for care

✔ Available in multiple sizes to fit your pup

✔ Allows dogs to relax and sleep comfortably

✔ Alternative to rigid plastic e-collars

Vet-Recommended Recovery Solution

Our Elizabethan dog collar is recommended by veterinarians as a safe, comfortable alternative to the plastic cones pets often try to remove. The donut shape protects wounds while removing pressure from the neck.

Dogs tolerate our design much better than hard plastic collars. And pet owners love the adjustable fit that ensures both protection and comfort during the healing process.

Simple Dog Cone Care and Cleaning

Caring for our Elizabethan collar is easy. The waterproof fabric can be spot cleaned as needed with a damp cloth. For a deeper clean, hand wash in cold water and air dry.

To restore the fluffy shape after shipping, simply shake or fluff the collar before use. The soft filling will rebound to cushion your dog’s neck.

When not being worn, you can store the collar in its included storage bag. This prevents the fabric from getting flattened.

Buy with Confidence and Give Your Pup the Gift of Healing Comfort

Recovery is difficult enough without the added frustration of uncomfortable collars. Our Elizabethan donut provides the perfect solution.

Offer your beloved pet the gift of comfort and protection as they heal. The custom fit ensures wound protection while the soft padding surrounds their neck in cushioned comfort.

Buy now with confidence thanks to our money-back guarantee. We want your pup to have the very best recovery experience.

Give your small dog the comfort they deserve with our Elizabethan donut collar today!


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