Prevent Tugging with SoftTouchDog’s Bungee Leash Extension Attachment for Control & Comfort on Walks




Material: High-quality nylon fabric & elastic latex
Length: 16″ extends to 24″
Swivel Clip: Stainless steel with 360° rotation
Reflective Stitching: For enhanced nighttime visibility
Give Your Dog More Freedom Without Losing Control!

Does your energetic pup frequently dart ahead, pulling your shoulder out of its socket? Do they get so excited on walks they nearly yank your arm off? Our innovative Bungee Leash Extension Attachment allows your pooch to explore while absorbing those sudden tugs and jerks that wrench your arm and make walks a literal pain!

This handy leash attachment offers the best of both worlds, giving your dog more freedom to sniff and wander while preventing harsh yanking that can injure you both. The high-quality elastic bungee design gently diffuses your dog’s pulling, stopping them from reaching the end of their leash so abruptly. No more sore shoulders or biceps from constant tugging!

Key Benefits

Protects Your Arm & Shoulder: The responsive bungee material absorbs force instead of your joints, preventing injuries and pain from sudden lunging or pulling.

Prevents Harness Injuries: Stop harsh yanks on your dog’s neck and body with the bungee leash attachment. Keep them comfortable on walks.

Greater Freedom & Control: Your dog can explore 16-24″ in front of you without harsh corrections. The bungee automatically reigns them back in.

Universal Use: Works with all leashes, collars, harnesses, retractables, joggers, training collars, and more! Clips on in seconds.

Reflective Stitching: Stay visible walking your dog at night with reflective strips down both sides.

Walk Your Dog in Comfort & Control

Tired of being jerked around by your over-eager canine companion? With our ingenious leash extender, you can take back control of your walk while keeping your pup comfortable and free from neck strain.

The high-quality elastic latex absorbs the force of sudden lunging or pulling, preventing that sharp jerk on your shoulder and arm. Just clip it onto your leash with the sturdy stainless steel swivel clasp, and you’ll immediately have 16-24″ of bungee cushion.

When your energetic dog tries to dart ahead, the bungee gently halts their momentum instead of forcing them to an abrupt stop. This diffuses their pulling and absorbs shock through the leash extender so it never travels down to your aching joints. Your shoulder will thank you!

The swiveling stainless steel clip prevents tangled mess and painful twisting. Enjoy hassle-free walking whatever direction your curious canine wants to wander. When it’s time to reign them back in, the bungee automatically retracts without harsh corrections to keep your dog comfortable too.

Explore Longer, Play at the Park, Jog & Bike Together

The SoftTouchDog Bungee Leash Extender opens up new possibilities for outdoor adventures together!

Now your dog can explore a wider area of the park or trail without yanking your arm off. Let them sniff, play, and interact while you keep control. When you need to get moving again, the bungee gently signals it’s time to wrap up their fun and head out.

Go for longer jogs and bike rides together. The bungee attachment allows your pup to trot or run at their own pace beside you, preventing sudden painful jerks on their neck from your movements. It also keeps them safely away from bike tires for accident-free rides.

Stop dreading walks, runs, and bike rides. With the SoftTouchDog Bungee Leash Extender, you’ll both have comfortable freedom of movement for happier, injury-free adventures together!

Universal Use for All Your Walking Needs

The SoftTouchDog Bungee Leash Attachment is designed for versatile, universal use with all of your existing leashes and gear:

– Works Great With:
Traditional leashes, Long leads, Retractable leashes, Jogging tethers, Bike attachments, Vest harnesses, Training collars, Choke collars, Head collars, Martingale collars & more!

– Easy Attachment:
Simply clip it on to any leash or harness using the secure stainless steel swivel snap. No special setup needed!

– Tangle Resistant:
The free-spinning steel clip prevents twisting as your dog explores. No more tangled messes!

Now one leash attachment can improve comfort and control for all your adventures. Take it for regular walks, trips to the dog park, jogging or biking, obedience training and more.

Experience the difference a simple bungee extension makes for happier, pain-free walks and wanderings with your energetic dog. Order the SoftTouchDog Bungee Leash Extender today!

Reflective Stitching for Safety

Don’t let evening and early morning hours keep you and your pup indoors. The SoftTouchDog Bungee Leash Extender has reflective stitching down both sides, so you’ll be visible to drivers and cyclists even in low light.

The bright reflective strips span the entire length of the leash attachment on both sides. Oncoming headlights, flashlights and other light sources will reflect off the stitching so you’re seen during dawn, dusk and nighttime use.

Now you can safely walk and explore with your dog anytime! The reflective bungee leash attachment provides flexibility and shock absorption to protect you both while keeping you visible after dark.

Our Promise to You and Your Dog

We know your dog’s comfort and well-being is your top priority on walks. That’s why we’ve engineered the SoftTouchDog Bungee Leash Extender to give your pup the very best:

– Freedom to Explore

The bungee allows your dog to wander and sniff 16-24 inches in front without painful yanking.

– Control When You Need It
Rein your excited pup back to your side with gentle tension instead of abrupt pulling.

– No More Sore Joints!
Say goodbye to shoulder, elbow and wrist pain from sudden lunging and tugging.

– Reflective for Safety
Stay visible walking or running together after dark.

We’re totally committed to your satisfaction and your pup’s comfort. Love your bungee dog leash extender, or your money back guaranteed!

Order the SoftTouchDog Bungee Leash Extender now and take your walks to the next level of comfort and control!


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