Playful Dinosaur Fashion for Your Lovable Hairless Cat



Does your sphinx cat’s sensitive skin need super soft coverage? Search no more! This round collar cotton tee is specially designed for hairless cats like sphinx, devon rex, cornish rex, and peterbald breeds. The lightweight, breathable fabric keeps your cat cool while the playful dinosaur print adds personality.

Cotton Comfort for Sensitive Skin

Hairless cat breeds don’t have fur to protect their skin. That’s why this kitty tee is made of soft, anti-allergy cotton. The gentle fabric prevents irritation so your cat stays happy and comfortable. The loose weave allows air to circulate, keeping your cat cool in the summer heat. Perfect for daily lounging and playtime adventures!

Clever Details for Easy Dressing

This cat shirt is tailored for easy on and off thanks to the smartly designed buttons and loose waist. Unlike cheaper pet clothes that can be a struggle, this thoughtfully crafted tee won’t stress you or your cat. Simply slip it on over your kitty’s head and fasten the buttons along their back. The loose waist gives your active cat room to run and play without restriction.

Show Off Your Cat’s Unique Look

Flaunt your exotic cat’s distinctive appearance with this head-turning dinosaur design! The green and black print stands out against your cat’s bare skin, highlighting their lovably odd look. Let your sphinx show off their heavenly hairless body with pride. People will smile when they see your cat confidently strutting their stuff in this cheeky jurassic style.

Match Your Cat’s Playful Personality

Does your mischievous kitty think they’re the cat’s meow? This tee celebrates your cat’s playful spirit with a fun, youthful print. The colorful cartoon dinosaur design pairs perfectly with your hairless cat’s lively and lovable personality. An instant conversation starter, your cat will draw smiles and compliments every time they make a dino-clad debut.

Ideal for Photo Shoots & Special Occasions

Want your cat to steal the show at birthday parties or family photos? Their cute dinosaur style ensures all eyes will be on your fab feline when they make a guest appearance. The vibrant colors photograph beautifully, making this tee a must-have for capturing Instagram-worthy memories with your beloved pet. They’ll be the star of every holiday card and video call thanks to their playful jurassic style.

Crafted with Quality & Care

This premium hairless cat shirt is carefully constructed by hand with the same attention to detail as human apparel. The fabric, stitching, and buttons are durable enough for daily wear. Your cat will stay stylish for years to come thanks to the conscientious craftsmanship from the experienced seamstresses at Kitipcoo.

Designed for Hairless Breeds

This shirt is specially sized for petite hairless cats under 12 pounds. The loose lightweight fabric allows maximum movement without overheating. For the best fit, follow our size chart:

Size S: 2-3.5 lbs
Size M: 4-5.5 lbs
Size L: 6-8.8 lbs
Size XL: 9-12 lbs

If your cat is not hairless, we recommend selecting one size up. Our thoughtful design ensures your unique cat stays comfy all day long.

Complete the Look

Take your cat’s style game to the next level by pairing this dinosaur tee with matching accessories! Add on a playful dino hoodie or get cozy with jurassic jammies. Your hairless hunny will be runway ready with the purrfect outfit.

Treat your special sphinx kitty to the tailored comfort they deserve! This thoughtfully designed cotton tee celebrates your hairless cat’s distinctive look with playful personality. The soft fabric keeps sensitive skin happy while the attention-grabbing print puts your exotic pet in the spotlight. Get ready to impress with this handcrafted dinosaur fashion must-have for your lovable hairless cat!


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