Plaid Puppy Gentleman – Classic Beige Bow Tie Dog Collar and Leash Set for Small Breeds



Give Your Puppy the Gift of Refined Style with This Dapper Plaid Bow Tie Collar and Leash Set

Welcome your furry friend into the gentlemen’s club with this refined plaid bow tie collar and leash set by Plaid Puppy. Crafted with care, this collar set adds a touch of class to your small breed dog’s ensemble.

Adjustable Size Fits Comfortably

The bow tie dog collar fits necks 9″ – 11″, while the leash extends to 59″ (4.9ft/150cm). Review the size chart to ensure a proper fit for your pup’s neck girth before ordering. The soft PU interior lining ensures comfort without irritating your dog’s skin.

Fashionable Plaid Fabric Made to Last

Constructed from premium polyester, the timeless plaid pattern and beige color scheme give your puppy a sophisticated look. The fabric is durable to withstand daily use while maintaining its stylish aesthetic.

Dapper Bow Tie Makes a Dashing Statement

The preppy bow tie at the front gives your dog a polished, gentlemanly flair. No need to choose between a basic collar or flashy bandana – this practical yet fashionable accent has the best of both worlds. Make your little gentleman the talk of the dog park!

Bell for Safety, PU Handles for Control

A brilliant bell alerts passersby of your approaching pup, while the sturdy PU handle on the leash gives you control. The removable bell can be detached when unwanted jingling is a nuisance.

Set Includes Collars and Leash for Different Needs

The complete set contains two separate collars to fulfill different needs. The plain beige collar is suitable for everyday use, while the bow tie collar adds panache for special occasions. Also included is an adjustable leash so you can take your stylish pup out for a stroll.

Give Your Small Breed the Gift of Sophistication

Bring dapper charm to your beloved pet with this preppy plaid bow tie dog collar and leash set. Available in a pleasing beige hue, this set adds refined elegance to small breed pups. Collars can be adjusted to fit neck sizes 9″ – 11″, while the leash extends to 59″.

Soft Polyester Fabric with PU Trim

Constructed using soft polyester fabric with PU trim, this set is gentle on your pup’s skin while standing up to daily wear. The sleek polyester plaid fabric gives a sophisticated look, while the PU trim ensures comfort.

Matching Plaid Print Collar and Leash Set

Both the adjustable collar and coordinating leash feature a complementary timeless plaid pattern in beige – perfect for a polished fashion statement. The collar fastens securely with a sturdy snap buckle closure.

Preppy Bow Tie Styling

The preppy bow tie accent at the front of the collar adds dapper charm, while the attached bell adds safety. For pups that don’t tolerate bells, the bell can be detached as needed.

Leash Handle for Added Control

In addition to its matching plaid pattern, the strong leash features a PU handle fastened securely to the leash with metal clips for keeping your pup safe and close at hand during walks.

Ideal for Small Breed Gentlemen

Perfect for projecting sophistication in small breed pups, this set fits neck sizes 9″ – 11″. Please carefully measure your dog’s neck girth and refer to the size chart prior to ordering to ensure an ideal fit.

Contains 2 Collars and 1 Leash

Your purchase includes two plaid polyester collars – one with a bow tie accent and one without – so you can alternate for different occasions. Also included is one 59″ coordinating plaid leash so you can walk your dapper dog in style.

Versatile Collar and Leash Set

With its adjustable sizing and versatile styling, this preppy plaid collar and leash set transitions seamlessly between everyday errands and special occasions for the sophisticated small breed gentleman.

Distinguished Plaid Puppy Accessories

Elevate your refined pup’s style with this dignified plaid bow tie collar and leash set. The vintage plaid pattern in beige adds cultivated charm for the pup about town.

An Everyday Essential for Your Dapper Dog

Impeccably crafted for daily use, this preppy plaid collar and leash set provides a sophisticated accent for your small gentleman. Adjust the collar size as needed for the perfect fit.

Make a Timeless Fashion Statement

Introduce your pup to timeless, vintage-inspired style with this preppy plaid collar and leash. The retro beige plaid and bow tie design provide fashion-forward function.

Elevated Small Breed Wear

Pamper your precious pup with the gift of refined fashion. This elevated collar and leash set in classic plaid helps convey your small breed’s sophisticated sensibilities.

Treat your tiny gentleman to refined style with this preppy plaid bow tie collar and leash set. With its vintage color scheme, dapper bow tie accent, and adjustability for small breed necks, your pup will radiate sophistication during daily strolls.


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