PetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda Ceramic Pet Fountain



Keep your furry friend hydrated with the PetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda Ceramic Pet Fountain. This stylish fountain provides a constant stream of fresh, filtered water to encourage your pet to drink more.

The Pagoda fountain features a unique two-tiered design with upper and lower dishes that create two drinking areas for your pet. The elevated dish is great for senior or arthritic pets that have difficulty bending down to drink. The cascading streams of water oxygenate and freshen the 70oz water supply, enticing your pet to drink.

Dual Free-Falling Water Streams

The Pagoda fountain has two points where water cascades down into the bowls below. The dual free-falling streams add oxygen and circulation to keep the water fresh and appealing to your pet. The gentle splashing sounds attract your pet’s attention, prompting them to drink. Proper hydration is extremely important for your pet’s health, so the Drinkwell fountain encourages frequent drinking.

Replaceable Carbon Filter

This pet fountain includes a replaceable foam filter that removes bad tastes, odors, and sediment from the water. The filter keeps the water clean and tasting fresh, so your pet will want to drink more. The filter should be replaced once a month to maintain optimal filtration. Replacement filters are available from PetSafe.

Ceramic Construction

The Pagoda pet fountain has a beautiful ceramic design that looks great in any home. Ceramic is more hygienic and easier to clean versus plastic materials. The fountain’s ceramic construction will not absorb odors or bacteria like some plastics can. The fountain can be placed directly on the floor, or the power cord neatly wraps up underneath for countertop use.

Quiet Submersible Pump

This pet water fountain features a low-voltage 12V submersible pump for safe, quiet and efficient operation. The small yet powerful pump constantly recirculates water through the fountain to provide a steady stream. The pump and cord tuck neatly into the base of the fountain for a clean look.

Top-Shelf Dishwasher Safe

The Pagoda fountain’s ceramic construction allows the entire upper dish to be dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Simply place the dish on the top rack of your dishwasher to remove any pet hair, dirt, or residue. Wipe and rinse the base regularly to keep it clean.

Provides Water When Power’s Out

The Drinkwell Pagoda fountain holds 70oz of water, so your pet won’t go thirsty if the power goes out. The fountain provides a gravity-fed water source even without electrical power. Replenish the water level daily so it’s always fresh and appealing to your pet.

For Cats and Small Dogs

With a generous 70oz water capacity, this Drinkwell fountain is ideal for providing hydration for cats and small to medium sized dogs up to 40 lbs. The dual drinking bowls allow multiple pets to drink at once. The fountain’s free-falling streams keep the water oxygenated for pets that prefer moving water.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

All PetSafe brand products are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. We want you and your pet to be satisfied with our fountains. Our U.S. based customer care experts are available 6 days a week to help with any product needs. Call or chat online with our pet fountain pros.

The PetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda Ceramic Pet Fountain provides fresh, filtered water for your cat or small dog. The dual streams, ceramic design, and replaceable filter keep water clean and tasting great so your pet drinks more. Order the Pagoda fountain today and help your furry friend stay healthy and hydrated!


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