Pet Pro Slicker Brush – Groom Fur Easily



Give your furry friend the gift of a healthy, shiny coat with the new Pet Pro Slicker Brush. As a pet owner, you know the struggle of keeping your dog or cat well-groomed can be a challenge. Constant shedding leads to hairballs, messes around the house, and discomfort for your four-legged family member. That’s why our brush is specially designed to gently yet efficiently remove loose hair, dirt, dander and tangles without irritating your pet’s sensitive skin.

The Pet Pro Slicker Brush features densely packed, fine bent wires to penetrate deep into the coat and lift out all the debris and loose fur that regular brushes just can’t reach. The long, slender pins are made of stainless steel for durability and rust resistance. Their 1 inch length allows them to comb right down to the undercoat while still being gentle on your pet’s top layer of fur. We also added soft cushions on the tip of each pin to prevent scratching or irritation as you brush.

Your pet will love the massage-like feel as you run the brush over their body to collect shedded fur. No more wrestling with your unwilling fur baby to remove painful mats and knots. The angled design of the Pet Pro brush lets you smoothly work through even the thickest, most matted pet hair with no harsh pulling or tugging. Your dog or cat will be putty in your hands, relaxing into every stroke as you gently remove tangles all the way to the skin.

The contoured wooden handle is designed to fit comfortably in your hand, preventing hand and wrist fatigue even after long grooming sessions. It is coated in a unique rubber grip material to prevent slipping, keeping the brush steady and controlled in your hands whether your pet is dry or wet. The durable construction means this brush is built to last through years of daily use on dogs and cats of all breeds, sizes and hair types.

From short haired tabby cats to long haired Afghan hounds and everything in between, the Pet Pro Slicker Brush quickly and gently removes excess fur from the undercoat and top layer of hair. It stimulates blood circulation to promote a healthy coat, and distributes your pet’s natural oils to leave their fur soft, shiny and luxurious. Your hands and furniture will thank you for keeping all that loose hair under control before it ends up all over your house.

Your Pet Will Enjoy:

Thorough brushing without irritation or harsh pulling
Removal of dirt, dander and loose hair
Stimulation of their natural oils for a healthy, glossy coat
A calming massage that promotes bonding time between you
You Will Love:

Quickly getting rid of loose fur, mats and tangles
Keeping shedding and hairballs under control
Easy cleaning with convenient stainless steel pins
Comfortable rubber grip handle
Durable construction built to last through years of daily use
We know your pet’s grooming needs don’t stop after just one brush, so we are including a free stainless steel grooming comb as a bonus gift. The wide-spaced teeth help remove any remaining loose undercoat while adding an extra layer of shine. Regular brushing and combing will keep your pet’s coat in the peak of health while reducing shedding around your home.

Try the Pet Pro Slicker Brush risk free with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We want you and your pet to be fully happy with this brush. If for any reason it does not exceed your expectations, simply contact us for a full refund or replacement. Add one to your cart today and see the amazing results for yourself! Your pet will thank you.


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