No More Bad Behavior – Train Your Dog Without Shock with the Brapezie Humane Vibration Collar



Is your dog’s barking, jumping, and other naughty behaviors causing chaos in your home? Do you want to train your furry friend without using painful shocks? Then the revolutionary Brapezie Dog Training Collar is the humane solution you’ve been looking for!

This ingenious collar has three effective training modes – sound, vibration, and light – to get your dog’s attention and correct unwanted habits, without ever having to shock them. The powerful vibrations delivers a gentle but firm sensation when your dog misbehaves, signaling to them they need to stop without causing any pain or fear.

More Effective and Humane Than Shock Collars

Shock collars have been controversial for good reason – they hurt dogs and damage the human-canine bond built on trust and mutual respect. With the Brapezie Collar, you can wave goodbye to shocks and say hello to fast, painless obedience training. The collar taps into your dog’s natural instinct to respond to sensory cues, with 8 adjustable vibration levels to find just the right intensity for your pooch. The loud sound alert also captures their attention immediately.

Long-Range Remote With Safety Lock

The easy-to-use remote pairs with your collar from up to 2,000 feet away, giving you control no matter where your dog roams. Take it to the park, backyard, camping trips – even the beach, since it’s fully waterproof! The fool-proof safety lock prevents accidental button pushes for peace of mind.

Rechargeable and Fits All Size Dogs

A single 2 hour charge gives you 15 days of power, while the remote lasts up to 45 days per charge. Save money on batteries! The adjustable collar fits neck sizes 8 to 24 inches, suitable for dogs weighing 20 to 110 lbs. It’s just as effective for rambunctious large breeds like huskies as it is for tiny pups.

Built-In LED Light for Safety

Don’t lose track of your dog on nighttime or evening walks – the bright LED tracking light on the collar lets you spot them up to 100 yards away with the push of a button. No more chasing after escaped pets or panicking over lost dogs.

Waterproof and Comfortable

The fully waterproof collar and remote allow your dog to swim, play in the rain, and get as messy as they want without damaging the components. It’s made with soft, flexible materials that move with your dog for all-day comfort.

Stop Bad Behavior and Reinforce Training

Use the Brapezie Collar’s stimulation to end barking, jumping, leash pulling, aggression, chasing, and other unwanted habits. The vibrations redirect your dog’s attention, signaling to stop the behavior in a way they understand. It also enhances obedience training by reinforcing commands – vibrate when they ignore a sit or stay command. You’ll be amazed by the new well-mannered dog once bad behaviors are corrected!

Why Choose the Brapezie Dog Training Collar?

  • More humane and effective than shock collars
  • 2,000 foot remote range
  • Fully waterproof – use anywhere!
  • LED tracking light for night safety
  • Rechargeable battery lasts 15 days per charge
  • 8-24 inch adjustable collar
  • Corrects jumping, barking, leash pulling, and more

Give negative reinforcement the boot and start fresh with positive training using the revolutionary Brapezie Collar. Order today and get the well-behaved dog of your dreams!


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