Mini Educator ET 300/400 Series Charger Cord Replacement – 2A Fast Charging Universal USB Cable



Tired of your Mini Educator bark collar dying mid-training session? Searching for a replacement charger that actually works? Look no further than our universal USB charging cable, specially designed as a charger cord replacement for the Mini Educator ET 300 and 400 Series dog collars.

With a high-quality construction and convenient design, this charger accessory ensures you’ll never have to miss a beat in training and correcting your furry friend’s barking, walking, sitting, or other behavioral obedience again.

Designed for Reliable, Rapid Charging

Featuring a Y splitter cable design, our replacement charger allows you to juice up two Mini Educator collars simultaneously. Each DC barrel tip output provides a powerful 2A current for fast charging your 300/400 series collar from empty to full battery in just 2-3 hours.

The USB plug is universally compatible with any USB 2.0 port, enabling you to power up from a laptop, PC, wall adapter, portable charger, car charger, or any other USB power source. With versatile power options and dual rapid charging, you’ll minimize downtime and be ready for your next walk around the block or backyard training session in no time.

Durable, Flexible Construction

Built to last, our Mini Educator replacement charger boasts a high-grade PVC jacket housing its wiring. The cord is designed to be soft and flexible, able to bend and twist without cracking or fraying over thousands of uses.

At 2.6 ft long, the cable provides ample length for maneuvering and convenient charging wherever you are, while remaining compact enough for easy portability. Feel confident using this USB cord at home, in the car, or on the go without worry of wear, tear or damage.

Precise Compatibility

While universal in power source pairing, this charger cord is precision-designed for use with the Mini Educator ET-300 and ET-400 series bark collars. The DC barrel tips perfectly match the charging input ports on these popular training collar models.

Simply plug into both ports simultaneously to charge up two collars at once, or use one barrel tip to charge a single collar efficiently. The secure, snug fit prevents power loss and ensures uninterrupted charging.

Premium Replacement Charger

As the premier third-party charger for Mini Educator ET-300 and ET-400 bark collars, our replacement charging cable offers:

  • Rapid 2A max output for fast charging
  • Y splitter design charges two collars simultaneously
  • Universal USB plug compatible with any USB 2.0 power source
  • Durable, flexible PVC housing withstands bending and twisting
  • Compact 2.6 ft length for easy portability
  • DC barrel tips made to perfectly fit 300/400 series collar charge ports

Invest in this high-quality USB charging cable to keep your Mini Educator bark collars powered up and ready for consistent, uninterrupted training. The convenience, compatibility, and performance of our charger cord replacement is unmatched.


  • Brand: Anlecay
  • Model: A-ME300400CC
  • Cable Length: 2.6 ft / 0.8 m
  • Input: USB 2.0
  • Output: Dual DC Barrel, 5V 2000mA max each
  • Housing Material: PVC
  • Compatibility: Mini Educator ET-300, ET-400 series collars

Order with Confidence

We provide a 45-day money back guarantee along with an 18-month replacement warranty. Receive a full refund or replacement charger if you are unsatisfied with fit, function, or charging performance for your Mini Educator collar.

Experience convenient, rapid charging for your dog bark collars with this USB power cable. Click Add to Cart now to order your Mini Educator ET 300/400 Series charger cord replacement today!


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