Make Your Cat’s Birthday Pawsitively Purrfect with This Adorable Birthday Party Supplies Set



It’s your favorite furball’s big day, so make sure it’s the cat’s meow with this adorable cat birthday party supplies set! Bring out the inner party animal in your kitty and give them a celebration to remember.

This set comes with everything you need to throw a fun and festive feline birthday bash. It includes a pink plaid bandana with “Birthday Girl” printed on it, an adjustable birthday hat, a bow tie, and glittery birthday number decorations from 0 to 9. With this kitty party pack, you can easily customize decor based on your cat’s age and create a scenic birthday wonderland.

Festive Bandana for the Guest of Honor

The bright pink bandana with white and black plaid print adds a pop of color and shows it’s the birthday girl’s special day. Made from soft cotton fabric, it’s gentle on your cat’s fur and comfortable to wear. The bandana measures 19×13 inches, so it fits most cat breeds from kittens to senior cats. Tie it around your b-day kitty’s neck for an instant party outfit that’s picture purr-fect!

Birthday Hat with Glittery Pompoms to Party in Style

What’s a birthday without a hat? This adorable cone-shaped party hat has two glittery pink and purple pompoms for extra fun and flair. It’s made of flexible anti-stress fabric that won’t poke your cat and can stretch to fit comfortably.

The hat is about 5 inches tall to fit any cat head and has an adjustable drawstring cord underneath their chin to secure it in place. Put the hat on your cat and take lots of paw-some photos for your memories!

Dapper Bow Tie Collar for Looking Sharp

Add a dash of dapper style with the included bow tie. Made of soft polyester fabric, it gently slips onto your cat’s collar so they can look extra sharp for their special day. No collar? No problem! The bow tie has an adjustable strap that can fit neck sizes from 7 to 12.5 inches, so you can easily attach it for any cat.

Shiny Number Decorations to Display the Birthday Age

What age is your b-day kitty turning? Customize their party look with the glittery birthday number decorations and show off how old they are!

This set includes shiny numbers 0 to 9 that you can stick on with the adhesive back. Put your cat’s new age on their birthday hat or around the party area – the possibilities are endless. Your feline will feel so special when their new age is on display.

Make Your Cat’s Birthday Dreams Come True

Your precious furball deserves a celebration filled with catnip, treats, toys, and love. With this decorations kit, you have everything you need to throw a purrfect party!

See your b-day kitty light up with joy when they walk into a room decked out just for them. The birthday hat and bow tie make them look so cute and festive for photos, while the bandana shows it’s their special day. Display their new age with pride using the glittery numbers.

Give your favorite feline a birthday to remember! With these party supplies, you can easily decorate for a cat-tastic birthday bash filled with fun, treats, and celebrating your furry best friend.

Product Details:

Pink bandana with “Birthday Girl” print, measures 19 x 13 inches

Cone-shaped birthday hat with pom poms, about 5 inches tall with adjustable drawstring

Bow tie collar accessory, adjustable 7 – 12.5 inch strap

Shiny number decorations from 0 to 9 to display cat’s age

Materials: cotton, polyester, and latex-free elastic

So what are you waiting for? Grab this adorable cat birthday party supplies set and start planning an unforgettable birthday for your kitty! She’ll feel so loved and have the best day ever with you as her celebration planner. Make this a birthday your furry queen will never forget!


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