Make Feeding Your Feline Friend a Breeze with This Handy Cat Feeding Reminder Sign!



We all know that cats can be finicky eaters. Unlike their canine counterparts, they don’t stick to a strict meal schedule or eat the same thing day after day. Whether your kitty is a “grazer” who snacks throughout the day or prefers set mealtimes, keeping track of when and how much they’ve eaten can be tricky. That’s where our clever “Did You Feed The Cat?” feeding reminder comes in! This simple yet effective cat feeding tracker takes the guesswork out of your feline’s food routine so you never have to wonder if kitty got breakfast or dinner.

Efficiently Track Your Cat’s Meals

As a busy cat parent, it’s easy to lose track of whether you fed your furball breakfast or if it’s dinner time yet. Our cat feeding sign eliminates those “Did I already feed the cat today?” moments. The click-in-place system lets you quickly slide the indicator to “fed” after each meal so you’ll never accidentally double feed or forget a feeding again. No more underfed or overfed kitties!

Having a visual reminder makes it easy for every family member to know kitty’s feeding status at a glance. No more nagging the kids or asking your partner – just check the sign. The convenient tracker helps multi-person households stay on the same page when it comes to your cat’s meals.

Customize Feeding Schedules

Since every cat has unique dietary needs and preferences, our cat feeding tracker accommodates customized schedules. Use the sliders to indicate breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just AM/PM feedings. You can even track medications or supplements. Setting up a routine with this cat feeding reminder helps regulate your pet’s meals so you can maintain a healthy diet.

Whether you free-feed, stick to a strict schedule, or anything in between, this feeding tracker has you covered. The simple visual design means anyone can use it, from children to seniors.

High Quality & Durable Materials

Constructed from sturdy ABS plastic, this cat feeding reminder is built to last through years of daily use. The plastic won’t warp or degrade over time. It securely mounts to any flat surface in your home thanks to strong magnets or reusable adhesive strips (both included).

You can mount it on the fridge, wall, or cabinet so it’s visible in the kitchen. Or place it near the cat food bowls or litterbox area to serve as a helpful visual cue.

No Batteries or Electricity Required

This mechanical cat feeding tracker doesn’t require batteries or charging. The manual sliding mechanism guarantees it will always work when you need it. No need to worry about dead batteries or electrical issues rendering your feeding tracker useless.

It’s completely worry-free to set up and use every day. The no-battery design also makes it ideal for use in a variety of households. Seniors who don’t want to fuss with electronics can use it just as easily as kids and teens.

Perfect for Multi-Pet Homes

While this tracker features a cat icon, it works just as well for households with multiple pets. Use separate signs to track feedings for your dog, bird, rabbit, guinea pig, fish, reptile, or any other companion. The versatile design suits a range of pet parents’ needs.

If you need to coordinate care between family members, pet sitters, or walkers, this visual feeding tracker helps keep everyone on the same page. Ensuring pets get fed on time and the proper amount is a must, especially in busy households.

Brought to You by a Family-Owned Pet Company

Here at Did You Feed the Cat, our family started designing helpful pet products after adopting our own furry rescue. We wanted easy ways to track feedings, medications, potty times, and more through our hectic daily schedules. After designing products that worked wonderfully for our pets, we knew other pet parents would find these useful too!

All our pet trackers and accessories are designed in-house and produced in limited batches to ensure quality. We use durable, pet-safe materials so they withstand daily use. As fellow pet lovers, we put care into designing our products so pet parents have less stress.

Your Cat Will Thank You!

Your feline friend depends on you for her basic needs. Using our cat feeding reminder takes the work out of tracking meals so you can focus on snuggle time and play. While your cat can’t read the sign herself, she’ll appreciate that the sign means consistent, timely feedings.

Feeding time is an important bonding ritual for pets and owners. Using this cat feeding tracker helps make mealtimes pleasant and healthy for your furball. You’ll love the peace of mind that comes with having a cat feeding routine. No more coming home to a hangry cat or messy scattered food from an impatient feline!

Give your cat and yourself the gift of a streamlined feeding routine. Our magnetic cat feeding tracker makes it simple to remember who got fed and when. The compact size lets you mount it unobtrusively wherever works best. Ditch the sticky notes and scribbled whiteboard feedings charts. This purpose-designed cat feeding reminder looks great and works even better.

Order a “Did You Feed The Cat?” tracker for your feline friend today and take the hassle out of feeding time!


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