Let Your Pup Embrace Their Inner Stinker in This Adorable Skunk Costume



Your pooch might be sweet as pie, but they’ll look anything but innocent dressed up in the Casual Canine Lil’ Stinker Dog Costume. This adorable skunk outfit allows your dog to let loose their silly side for Halloween or any dress up occasion.

Iconic Black and White Skunk Colors

With bold black and white colors just like a real skunk, this costume is instantly recognizable. The black hood and back contrast with the white belly and face for defined dimension. Your pup will look like the cutest Pepe Le Pew around!

Plush Tail for Skunky Style

The costume features an attached plush tail dangling from the back to complete the iconic skunk silhouette. The tail sways and bounces as your dog moves for added humor and flair. People will chuckle as soon as they see your pup in this getup.

Durable Fabric Built to Last

Made from high-quality polyester, this durable costume is designed to withstand active wear and machine washing without falling apart. The sturdy fabric will hold up through Halloween after Halloween so you get years of use from the outfit.

Adjustable Fit for Comfort

The Velcro neck and belly closures allow you to customize the size for an ideal snug fit. Getting the right tailored shape keeps the costume from sagging or shifting as your dog moves. The neck won’t constrict your pup’s breathing either.

Easy On and Off Design

Simply secure the Velcro neck strap first so your dog’s head pops through the hood, then attach the belly Velcro for full coverage. The hassle-free application takes just seconds. Your wiggly pup can’t easily wiggle out of this outfit!

Fun for Photos and Dress Up Play

Capture hilarious pictures of your pup rocking their silly skunk look to share on social media or with family. Your dog will also have a blast dressing up for fun games of fetch, tug of war, or chase with their favorite toys.

Perfect for Parties and Events

Your dressed-up dog will be the life of the party at any Halloween celebration or costumed event. Their personality will shine as they strut and pose for admirers wanting to meet this precious pooch.

Coordinate with Skunk Hunter Costumes

For cute family costumes, dress as a skunk exterminator while your dog plays the adorable skunk. Great for themed photo shoots and creative videos. Your dog will love participating in the roleplay adventure.

Lightweight for Comfortable Wear

This isn’t one of those heavy, hot costumes that animals hate. The lightweight polyester fabric feels gentle against your dog’s fur. Air circulates so they don’t get overheated. Your dog can comfortably wear this outfit for hours of fun.

Machine Washable for Repeat Use

You don’t have to meticulously hand wash this costume between uses. Just toss it in the washing machine for convenience! The durable fabric and construction hold up well to laundering. Your pup can look their best every Halloween.

Hilarious Disguise for Your Furry Friend

Embrace your dog’s silly side and get them the Lil’ Stinker Skunk Costume this Halloween! Your pup will have a “scentsational” time dressing up in this hysterical outfit.


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