Let Your Pup Do Time in Style with the Prison Pooch Costume



Uh oh, looks like your pup got caught being extra mischievous! Bust your bad boy or girl out of the doghouse and into jail with the Casual Canine Prison Pooch costume. This hilarious striped outfit transforms your dog into an adorable inmate ready for a fun sentence.

Iconic Black and White Stripes

Bold black and white horizontal stripes encircle the shirt and hat for an instantly recognizable old-time prisoner look. The contrasting pattern looks especially cute paired with your dog’s fur. Your pup will look ready to star in a vintage chain gang!

Pullover Shirt for Quick Dressing

Simply stretch the neck opening wide and pull the striped shirt down over your dog’s head and front legs. No complicated fastenings or adjustments needed. The soft knit cotton blend won’t bind or constrict your pup’s movement.

High-Cut Belly for Comfort

The shirt features a stay-dry design that wraps under your dog’s belly without restricting mobility. They’ll stay comfortable with a full range of motion for playtime and photos while the outfit stays securely in place.

Matching Hat with Chin Strap

A coordinating cotton hat tops off the look with the same bold black and white stripe pattern. An elastic chin strap keeps the hat in place but won’t choke your dog. Your pup will look paw-some from head to paws!

Fun for Dress Up Playtime

Your dog will have a blast dressing up to play prison break games with their toys. Unleash their silly side with this costume that sparks their imagination and sense of adventure. Great for active pup/owner play.

Perfect for Pet Photos

Stage some cute prison-themed photos with your doggy “inmate” to share laughs with family and friends. You can even Photoshop your pup behind prop jail bars for extra chuckles. They’ll love posing in their costume.

Life of the Costume Party

At any pet Halloween event or party, your convicted cutie will be a total showstopper. Your pup’s personality will shine as they get lots of smiles, attention, and compliments in this crowd-pleasing outfit.

Coordinates with Authority Costumes

For funny group costumes, dress as a police officer or prison guard while your dog rocks their inmate outfit. Great for themed family photos or creative videos. Your pup will enjoy the hilarious roleplay.

Care Instructions: Machine Washable

The cotton shirt and hat are conveniently machine washable for easy care between wears. Just use cold water and tumble dry low to preserve the colors and fabrics. Your pup will stay looking their best for years.

Prison Break Fun for Your Furry Friend

With the Prison Pooch costume, your dog can serve a fun sentence this Halloween. Get your paws on this exclusive outfit while supplies last to unlock big smiles and laughter!


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