Let Your Pup Channel Shark Week in the Casual Canine Shark Costume



Does your dog go crazy for Shark Week every year? Now they can get in on the aquatic action by dressing up in the Casual Canine Shark Costume. This stuffed animal style outfit transforms your pup into the cutest shark in the sea!

Plush Polyfill Body for Comfort

The head and body sections of this shark costume are stuffed with soft polyfill material so they maintain a rounded, plush shape. The light fluffiness makes the costume more comfortable for your dog to wear and prevents any constricting tight spots.

Shimmery Fabric for Shark Appeal

Your pup will glisten and shine just like a real shark thanks to the shimmery textured fabric used for the exterior. The template is carefully cut to emulate the shape of a great white shark with cute rounded fins and a tailored shape.

Fully Adjustable for Ideal Fit

Getting the perfect tailored fit helps the costume look realistic and keeps your dog comfortable. Both the neck opening and waist opening feature adjustable Velcro closures that you can customize to your pup’s proportions.

Quick & Easy to Put On

Simply slide your dog’s front legs into the arm holes and secure the Velcro neck strap. Then lift up the costume’s back flap and attach the rear Velcro waist strap beneath your dog’s belly. The full-body coverage provides warmth and comfort for your pup.

Fun for Dress Up Playtime

Your dog will have a “fin-tastic” time dressing up and roleplaying as a shark with their favorite toys. The costume sparks your pup’s imagination and brings an extra element of fun to playtime for both of you. Interactive dress up encourages bonding.

Perfect for Photos & Video

Capture adorable photos of your shark pup to share on social media and delight family and friends. You can also create cute Shark Week style videos together to post on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and more. Your dog will love posing for the camera!

Coordinates with Shark Hunter Costumes

For family costumes or themed photos, pair your shark pup with diver, surfer, or lifeguard costumes for the humans. Recreate a beach rescue scene or underwater expedition with you as the shark hunting crew. So many possibilities for creative fun!

Ideal for Dress Up Events

In addition to Halloween, this shark costume works great for pet birthday parties, wedding themes,Church events, or any occasion that calls for outfits. Your dressed up pup is sure to put smiles on faces and draw lots of attention.

Care Instructions: Machine Washable

You don’t have to worry about special costume cleaning because the fabric is conveniently machine washable. Just use cold water and tumble dry low to keep the fluffy polyfill stuffing intact. Enjoy years of repeated use.

Exciting Roleplay for Your Pup

With the Casual Canine Shark Costume, your dog can unleash their inner aquatic predator. Customers rave about how much their dogs love wearing this outfit. Let your pup join in the Shark Week fun this year!


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