Keep Your Furball Safe and Seen on Walks with the Pawesome Pet Mesh Vest Harness



Is your feline friend or tiny canine companion anxious about going for walks? Do they try to slip out of their collar or harness when out and about? As a loving pet owner, you want to keep your furry friend safe and secure when adventuring outdoors. But you also want them to be comfortable and happy on your strolls together.

Look no further than the Pawesome Pet Mesh Vest Harness for cats and extra small dogs! This brilliantly designed vest harness keeps even the wiggliest wanderers safe, seen, and comfortable on walks.

Safety First with the Pawesome Vest’s Smart Design

The Pawesome Pet Vest Harness prioritizes your pet’s safety with its thoughtful design. It secures your cat or small dog with two sturdy metal leash attachment loops on the back and two quick-release side buckles. Simply slip the lightweight mesh vest over your pet’s head and clip the easy-to-fasten buckles in place. The custom adjustable straps ensure a perfect fit for your pet’s unique frame. No more escapes or backing out of their harness!

The strong leash attachment loops give you excellent control while walking your wiggly friend. The reflective strips help passing cars and bicyclists see your pet after dark. And the soft, breathable mesh distributes pressure evenly across your pet’s chest and back. This reduces strain while keeping them cozy in any weather.

With the Pawesome Vest Harness, safety comes first for your precious pet. You can relax knowing your cat or small dog is secure and visible on every adventure together.

Comfort Made Pawesome

Your pet’s comfort is pawesomely important too! The Pawesome Vest Harness is thoughtfully designed to keep your cat or tiny canine relaxed and happy on walks.

The lightweight mesh material is soft and breathable against your pet’s fur. It allows air to freely circulate to prevent overheating. And it moves naturally with your pet’s body, unlike bulky harnesses that restrict motion. Your furry friend will stay cool and comfortable on warm sunny strolls.

The custom adjustable straps ensure the perfect individualized fit without chafing or pinching. And the wide chest and back panels evenly distribute pressure and weight. This prevents strain on delicate areas like the throat and shoulders. Your pet can walk, trot, run and play without irritation or discomfort.

Your feline friend or small dog will look forward to adventure time in their cozy Pawesome Vest Harness! The comfy design keeps them cool, relaxed and itch-free no matter how far you roam.

Adventures Made Easy for Pet Parents

The Pawesome Pet Vest Harness also makes walks and adventures easier for pet parents! Its brilliant design ensures your wiggly companion stays secure by your side.

The strong leash attachment loops give you excellent control over even the most wandering whiskered walker. No more tangles as your pet swerves back and forth across your path! The handy grab handle on top provides extra security if you need to swiftly scoop up a roaming rascal.

The snap-on buckles and adjustable straps make the vest harness easy to put on squirming cats and pups before walks. And the reflective strips give you peace of mind that your pet will be seen as you stroll in low light.

With the Pawesome Vest Harness, adventures together are pawsitively stress-free! Take your tiny explorer anywhere knowing they’ll stay safe and by your side.

Designed for Ultimate Durability

This thoughtfully designed vest harness is built to last through countless walks, hikes, and romps.

The sturdy metal leash loops and grab handle withstand heavy pulling and hold up to years of use. And the durable, tightly woven mesh material resists snags, tears and damage.

Bold pets may try testing the limits of the Pawesome Vest Harness, but it’s designed for maximum durability. This vest harness will hold up through countless adventures together, no matter how rambunctious your furry friend may be!

Sizing for Perfect Fit

Finding a properly fitted harness is crucial for your pet’s comfort and safety. The Pawesome Vest Harness comes in a wide range of sizes to provide the ideal fit for your feline or tiny canine companion.

Extra small fits tiny dogs and kittens under 5 pounds with a chest girth up to 11 inches. The small size fits pets 5 to 10 pounds, with a chest girth of 11 to 15 inches. Medium is ideal for pets 10 to 20 pounds and a 15 to 19 inch chest.

Be sure to consult the easy-to-follow size chart to choose the perfect vest harness for your pet’s unique shape and size. Customizable adjustable straps will complete the pawfect tailored fit. Your cat or dog will stay cozy and secure on outdoor adventures.

Complete Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’re confident your pet will love their comfortable, safe Pawesome vest harness! But if you have any issues whatsoever, just let us know. We provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Return the harness vest within 30 days in new condition for a full refund or replacement. And we back the quality with a 90 day limited warranty if any defects occur. We want your pet to be safe, seen, and comfortable on all of your memorable adventures together!

Treat your feline friend or tiny pup to the ultimate vest harness for walking safety and comfort. The Pawesome Pet Mesh Vest Harness keeps your darling pet secure, cozy and seen on all of your magical adventures together. Pawsitively pawesome!


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