Keep Your Fur Baby Safe with the Case-Mate Airtag Dog Collar Holder



Do you constantly worry about your dog getting lost or stolen when you take them on walks or travels? We totally get it – our fur babies mean the world to us, and we want to keep them safe at all times. That’s why we are thrilled to present the Case-Mate Airtag Dog Collar Holder, the perfect accessory to help you keep track of your pup!

Track Your Dog’s Location from Your iPhone

Designed specifically for use with the Apple Airtag, this clever holder lets you securely attach the tracking device to your dog’s existing collar. It keeps the Airtag stable and protected, while still allowing you to use your iPhone to see your dog’s location in real-time. No more losing sight of Fido at the dog park or wondering if he wandered too far in the backyard – now you can monitor his whereabouts right from your phone!

Water Resistant Design for Wet Doggy Adventures

Don’t let rain, splashing or swimming stop your adventures together! The Case-Mate Airtag Dog Collar Holder is made of flexible, water-resistant silicone that protects your Airtag even when wet. No need to worry about ruining the Airtag if your pooch jumps into a lake or pool. Just keep on tracking!

Scratch Protection Keeps Airtag Looking New

The raised edge around the Airtag holder protects Against scratches from rubbing against collars, leashes, brush and other surfaces. No more annoying scuffs marring the smooth white surface of your Airtag. It will look good as new for a long time thanks to this extra layer of protection.

Discreet Silicone Blends Into Collar

The soft, lightweight silicone design flexes to comfortably conform to your dog’s collar. It provides a secure fit without adding any noticeable bulk or weight. The neutral black color blends right into dark collars, keeping the Airtag subtle and discreet. No expensive accessories required!

Stretchy Loop Fits 1-Inch Wide Collars

The flexible loop design can stretch over collars up to 1 inch wide, making it compatible with most standard dog collar sizes. No need to purchase specialty collars. Simply thread it through your dog’s existing collar and adjust it to lay flat. Easy peasy!

Better Than Airtag Keychains and Hangers

Keychain Airtag holders bounce and jingle, while hangers can easily get snagged on things. Our stretchy silicone collar band keeps the Airtag securely in place against your dog’s neck. No more obnoxious noises or risk of losing the Airtag while out and about!

Use with Cats and Other Pets Too

While designed for dog collars, this versatile Airtag holder also works great for cat collars, small pet harnesses, lizard/bird leashes and more. Keep tabs on any beloved pet who likes to explore!

Long Lasting Construction and Warranty

Made from extremely durable silicone and hard polycarbonate, this pet Airtag holder is built to handle active pets, daily use and consistent tracking over long periods. We back it up with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. Buy with confidence knowing it’s built to last!

How It Works

Using the Case-Mate Airtag Dog Collar Holder is super easy:

  • Buy an Apple Airtag and set it up with your iPhone using the Find My app.
  • Insert the programmed Airtag into the holder and stretch the band over your dog’s collar.
  • Adjust the fit so the Airtag stays securely in place against your dog’s neck.
  • Use Find My on your iPhone to track your dog’s location anywhere he goes!

Why Customers Love It

✅ “This Airtag holder keeps me from worrying every time I take my rescue pitbull to the dog park. Now I can relax knowing I can locate her quickly if she wanders off chasing a squirrel or something. It was so easy to set up and use with my iPhone.” – Amanda R.

✅ “Really impressed with the durable design. My golden retriever is rough on toys but this Airtag collar holder has held up great over 6 months of daily use and hasn’t scratched my Airtag at all.” – Daniel T.

✅ “I was hesitant to put an Airtag on my cat’s collar, but this stretchy holder has kept it securely in place for weeks now. Even when she’s climbing trees and bushes, it stays firmly attached. Love having the peace of mind of always knowing her location.” – Christine P.

Order With Confidence

Provide next-level safety and security for your pet with the Case-Mate Airtag Dog Collar Holder! Water resistant, scratch protecting and specially designed for use with your iPhone, this is a must-have accessory for responsible pet owners. Order today and never wonder about your fur baby’s location again!


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