Introducing the Ultimate Grooming Solution for Your Furry Friend – The CHAOLUN Foldable Pet Dog Grooming Arm with Clamp



Is bath time with your dog a wet, messy struggle? Do you dread brushing out knots and tangles in your pup’s fur? Clip their nails without getting nipped? Properly grooming your four-legged friend is important for their health and hygiene, but it can be a chore if you don’t have the right tools.

That’s why we created the CHAOLUN Foldable Pet Dog Grooming Arm with Clamp – the easiest way to bathe, dry, brush, clip and pamper your pooch without the hassle. This adjustable grooming arm takes the stress out of grooming by keeping your dog secure and still, allowing you to focus on cleaning and primping.

Adjustable Height to Suit Your Needs

The CHAOLUN grooming arm features an adjustable clamp that secures to any sturdy surface from 2” up to 35.5” high. Easily customize the height to your ideal working level whether you’re standing or sitting. The non-slip clamp keeps the unit firmly in place once tightened down.

Folds Away for Easy Storage

When bathtime is over, the CHAOLUN grooming arm quickly folds down to a mere 20” high for compact, out of the way storage. The slim profile lets you tuck it away in a closet, garage or laundry room without taking up much space. It’s also lightweight enough to bring along in the car for on-the-go grooming.

Industrial Strength Materials Built to Last

This grooming arm is constructed from heavy-duty steel tubing with a dense anti-oxidation coating that prevents rusting and corrosion over time. The thick protective finish ensures this grooming tool will remain like new even after years of regular use.

No-Sit Haunch Holder Keeps Pets Comfortable

The CHAOLUN grooming arm comes equipped with an adjustable no-sit haunch holder that gently prevents your dog from sitting or lying down during grooming. This allows you to safely work on legs, paws, stomach and other hard-to-reach areas without having to wrestle your dog into position.

The haunch holder is padded for comfort and features two adjustable nylon straps – a 21” restraint for the hind legs and a 19” restraint for the chest/waist. An 18” leash attaches to the front strap to keep your pet calm and secure.

Simple, Tool-Free Assembly Right Out of the Box

Everything you need comes in one box for quick, hassle-free setup. The arm, haunch holder and hardware simply click into place without tools or complicated instructions. You’ll be bathing your buddy in no time!

The Ideal Grooming Solution for Small and Medium Dogs

The CHAOLUN pet grooming arm is specially designed for smaller dogs up to 30 lbs, making bath time safe and easy. Larger dogs may require a more heavy-duty grooming table. This arm is ideal for your Yorkie, Maltese, Shih Tzu, Poodle, Dachshund or other small to medium breeds.

Tips for a Stress-Free Grooming Experience

Here are some tips to make grooming go smoothly using your new CHAOLUN pet grooming arm:

  • Start grooming your puppy or new dog early to get them used to the process.
  • Give treats and praise during and after grooming so they associate it with positive feelings.
  • Be gentle yet firm when positioning your dog on the arm.
  • Secure the no-sit restraints snugly but not too tight.
  • Go slowly and let your dog take breaks if they get restless.
  • Keep sessions brief at first, gradually increasing time as your dog settles in.
  • Make it a two-person job if your dog is really wiggly or hard to control.

With the right tools and techniques, grooming can be a bonding experience rather than a battle of wills. The CHAOLUN pet grooming arm gives you total control to bath, brush and beautify even the feistiest of furbabies.

We Know You’ll Love This Grooming Arm, But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It!

“This grooming arm is a back-saver! No more hunching over the tub or working on the floor. I can finally groom my dog properly without throwing my back out.” – Amy R., Seattle, WA

“I have three large poodles and grooming them was such an ordeal before I got this arm. It keeps them still so I can fully concentrate on clipping, trimming and styling. Worth every penny!” – Brandon T., Miami, FL

“My senior dog used to hate baths because she’d slip all over the place. The no-sit holder on this grooming arm keeps her steady and secure. She’s much more calm and comfortable now.” – Danielle P., Denver, CO

“I take my dog to the groomers WAY less now that I have this grooming arm at home. It was easy to assemble and adjust to the perfect height. I can even use it on my kitchen counter.” – Ashley W., Chicago, IL

Order the CHAOLUN Pet Grooming Arm Today for Easier Baths and Happier Pups!

Pamper your four-legged friend in style with this indispensable grooming tool. The adjustable clamp attaches securely to any table or counter at just the right height while the no-sit haunch holder gently yet firmly keeps your wriggly pup from squirming away mid-bath.

This heavy-duty grooming arm folds up slim and compact for storage when playtime rolls around. Designed specifically for small and medium dog breeds, it eliminates the backaches and headaches associated with washing, brushing and primping your pooch.

Say goodbye to the mess and stress of do-it-yourself doggy makeovers! Bring home the safe, sturdy and affordable CHAOLUN pet grooming arm to make grooming your furkid a breeze. Happy pampering!


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