Inflatable Dog Cone for After Surgery Recovery



Gentle Recovery for Your Furry Friend After Surgery or Injury

Is your precious pup unfortunately needing surgery or recovering from an injury? As a pet owner, you know how difficult it can be to keep them from licking, scratching, or chewing on wounds or stitches. Not only can this lead to infection or complications with healing, but that cone of shame is so restrictive and uncomfortable!

We have the perfect solution – our inflatable dog recovery collar allows your furry friend the gentle support they need while healing, without blocking their vision or movements. Made with premium soft and breathable fabrics, our recovery cone brings comfort and care.

Unique Donut Design Prevents Licking Without Blocking Vision

Unlike traditional e-collars, our inflatable dog cone has a unique donut shape that sits around your dog’s neck and prevents them from being able to reach problem areas. The soft inflated edge creates a protective barrier between your dog and their wounds, while still giving them complete range of vision and allowing them to easily eat, drink, play, and sleep. No more clanging that shameful cone against walls and furniture!

Easy to Inflate and Adjust for Perfect, Customizable Fit

Our recovery cone comes deflated, making it easy to store away when not in use. When your dog is ready to begin using it, simply inflate the collar using the air pump nozzle until it is firm. The adjustable straps allow you to size it precisely and securely to your dog’s neck, preventing them from slipping it off. For extra security, we recommend pairing it with your dog’s regular collar threaded through the loops.

Made of Premium Quality Materials for Comfort and Safety

The outside of the cone is constructed using soft, breathable fabrics that are gentle on your dog’s skin and won’t catch or pull fur. The inside consists of flexible and sturdy PVC that maintains the cone shape and prevents puncturing. Our materials are non-toxic to keep your dog safe while healing. The collar is also waterproof and easy to wipe clean of fur, slobber, and anything else your dog may get into!

One Size Fits All from Tiny Pups to Large Breeds

Our adjustable sizing makes this dog recovery collar versatile for all breeds and sizes. It is effective for dogs weighing 15 pounds all the way up to 140 pounds. Here are our general size recommendations:

Small: Up to 25 lbs
Medium: 26-69 lbs
Large: 70-140 lbs

Of course, focus on finding the right fit for your individual pup. Be sure to supervise them at first until you are sure they can’t slip out of the collar.

Veterinarian Recommended for Effective, Humane Recovery

Our inflatable dog cone provides all the protective benefits of an e-collar without the drawbacks. It has been endorsed by veterinarians as an effective and more comfortable alternative to the traditional plastic cone. Customers find it allows their dogs to be more active during recovery while still preventing licking, scratching, and biting at surgical sites or injuries.

We Want You and Your Dog to Love Our Inflatable Recovery Collar!

Your dog’s health and happiness are our top concerns. We are so confident your dog will tolerate our recovery collar better than the standard cone, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not fully satisfied. That’s how much we believe in our product!

To recap, our inflatable dog cone’s benefits include:

Prevents licking/biting of wounds without blocking vision
Soft, gentle materials do not irritate injuries
Adjustable for a perfect, secure fit
Allows dogs to eat, drink, play normally
Easy to clean and waterproof
Compact storage when not in use
Vet recommended and customer approved
Upgrade your dog from that shameful cone and help them heal in comfort! Order now and we’ll send you an inflatable recovery collar your dog will appreciate during the recovery process.


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