Illuminate Your Pup’s Night Walks with the BSEEN LED Dog Collar



Keep your furry friend safe and seen during evening strolls with the BSEEN LED Dog Collar. This smart collar lights up the night with 360° visibility to alert drivers and pedestrians to your pup’s presence. Customizable sizing and multiple lighting modes make this the ultimate illuminated dog collar for pups of all shapes and sizes.

360° Illumination for Maximum Nighttime Visibility

Equipped with two bright LED lights at both ends, the BSEEN LED Dog Collar provides a full 360° glow to maximize your pup’s visibility. The transparent TPU light tube evenly diffuses the LED light, creating a neon halo around your dog’s neck. With full illumination spanning the collar’s circumference, drivers and pedestrians can easily spot your pup from all angles during dusk or nighttime walks.

Custom Fit for Any Size Neck

Thanks to the adjustable TPU light tube, the BSEEN LED Dog Collar provides a customizable fit for pups of all sizes. Simply use scissors to trim the collar to your desired length, allowing for a snug and comfortable fit. With an initial 70cm circumference, this LED dog collar is suitable for everything from petite pups to large breeds. No more loose collars slipping over your dog’s head or too-tight collars causing discomfort.

Rechargeable Battery for Convenient Use

Power your pup’s walks with the conveniently rechargeable battery in the BSEEN LED Dog Collar. Avoid wasting money on disposable batteries with the included USB charging cable that restores power in just 2-3 hours. Fully charged, the long-lasting lithium battery provides up to 8 hours of illumination. Check the battery level with the 3-stage indicator light, recharging as needed after each use.

Multiple Lighting Modes for Versatile Use

Tailor the BSEEN LED Dog Collar’s brightness to your needs with the easy access mode button. Quick press to toggle between steady glow mode for constant 360° illumination and flashing modes. Select slow flashing for a gentle pulsing light or quick flashing for an attention-grabbing strobe effect. Your pup will stand out while avoiding distracting light patterns with the BSEEN Collar’s lighting options.

Simple Yet Secure Collar Design

Featuring an uncomplicated yet reliable design, the BSEEN LED Dog Collar combines safety and convenience. The transparent TPU light tube quickly slides over your dog’s neck and the collar part securely holds everything in place. Avoid fussing with buckles in the dark thanks to the simple overlapping collar design. Press the integrated silicone button to seamlessly change modes for effortless use while walking.

Peace of Mind with Visible Safety

Gain confidence and peace of mind knowing your pup is visible with the BSEEN LED Dog Collar. Avoid dangerous accidents or lost pets as the bright 360° illumination keep them in sight. Drivers can spot your dog from a safe distance away to prevent tragic collisions. The neon glow also helps you keep track of pets exploring the yard or a park at night.

Reliable Support for Collar Issues

At BSEEN, your satisfaction with our LED dog collar is our top concern. If you experience any issues with the product’s fit, lighting, or battery, our customer support team is ready to help. We respond within 24 hours to address any concerns and provide replacement parts or refunds as needed. Your contentment is 100% guaranteed when you choose BSEEN for your illuminated dog collar needs.

Protect your precious pup on nightly walks and backyard adventures with the BSEEN LED Dog Collar’s 360° glow. Customizable sizing, versatile lighting modes, and hassle-free recharging make this the best illuminated option to light up your dog’s night. Order the BSEEN Collar now for a tailored fit and vibrant neon glow keeping your pet happy, healthy, and most importantly, visible.


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