High Quality Pet Microchips – 20 Pack RFID Chips for Easy Implantation and Lifetime Pet Tracking



Give your furry friend the gift of safety and security with this 20 pack of high quality ISO pet microchips. Specially designed for easy implantation and accurate, lifetime pet tracking, these 1.4x8mm RFID chips are the perfect way to provide permanent identification for your dogs, cats, horses and other pets. With their durable, long-lasting construction, these implantable microchips withstand your pet’s daily activities while providing you with reliable peace of mind.

Ease of Use for Stress-Free Implantation

Thanks to their compact size and smooth finish, these microchips can be implanted quickly and seamlessly by any veterinary clinic or facility. There’s no need for complicated installations or specialized training – the microchip procedure is straightforward for clinic staff and stress-free for your pets. The implant site heals rapidly, and the chips cause no discomfort or impact on your pet’s daily routine. They’re a set-it-and-forget-it solution that brings convenience to the microchipping process.

Durable Construction for Lifetime Reliability

Built to last, these pet microchips are incredibly durable and designed to remain permanently in place without damage or failure. The glass capsules housing the microchips are smooth and strong, protecting the interior technology from breakage. They won’t degrade or stop working even after years of being implanted in your pet. You can trust them to withstand the rough and tumble antics of dogs at play. Sturdy and resilient, they provide you with a solution that lasts your pet’s lifetime.

Cost-Effective and Convenient Microchip Identification

This 20 pack offers great value for your money, providing enough affordable microchips for multiple pets in your family. When you consider the permanent safety and security they offer your pets, it’s easy to see why microchipping is a smart and cost-effective choice. There are no batteries to replace or annual fees required. One-time implantation means you get lasting peace of mind with no hidden costs down the road. Convenient and hassle-free, these chips simplify pet identification now and for years to come.

Peace of Mind Knowing Your Pet is Protected

While no one wants to imagine their pet becoming lost, it’s an unfortunate reality for many pet owners. With these ISO compliant universal microchips, you can find comfort knowing your pet has permanent ID. If your pet becomes lost and is taken to a clinic or shelter, staff can easily scan the microchip and identify your as the rightful owner so you can be contacted. No matter what happens, you’ll have assurance your pet can be traced back to you thanks to these reliable, scannable microchips.

Accurate, Instant Tracking When You Need It Most

The advanced RFID technology in these pet microchips allows for accurate tracking of your pets if they go missing. You’ll be able to instantly pinpoint your pet’s location when using a microchip scanner or tracker, eliminating the need for flyers and searches. Even years later, the microchips provide reliable tracking to reunite you with your lost pet. The unique ID codes transmit your contact information when scanned, making it easy to identify and recover your pet. You can depend on these high-tech microchips for efficient, foolproof tracing.

Trust your pets’ safety to technology designed to last. With easy implantation, durable construction and reliable tracking, these 20 ISO-compliant microchips check every box when it comes to protecting your furry family members. Invest in lifetime identification and security today.


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