Give Your Furry Friend the Star Treatment with the Spacetastic Cat Astronaut Helmet



Your cat is out of this world, so give them the star treatment they deserve with the Spacetastic Cat Astronaut Helmet. This transparent helmet allows kitty to see clearly and breathe easy while protecting you during grooming and vet visits.

As a cat owner, you know that grooming and medicating can be a battle. Your curious kitty wants to explore, play, and nibble while you’re trying to cut their nails or give medication. The struggle is real. With the Spacetastic helmet, your cat can relax and you can have peace of mind.

Breathe Easy Through Mesh Ventilation

The Spacetastic Cat Astronaut Helmet is made of transparent, BPA-free plastic with breathable mesh ventilation. The lightweight helmet has 24 vents so your cat can breathe normally and stay comfortable. You’ll have a clear view of your cat’s face to monitor them while avoiding scratches and bites.

Adjustable for the Perfect Fit

An adjustable velcro strap under the chin ensures a snug and customized fit. The helmet is available in size medium, designed for cats weighing 4.4 to 9.9 pounds. Measure around the widest part of your cat’s head to ensure the best fit.

The secure fit prevents the helmet from slipping or coming off, so you can focus on the task at hand instead of wrangling your cat.once the helmet is in place, your cat will relax into the feeling of security.

Safety First

The top priority with any pet product should be safety. The Spacetastic Cat Astronaut Helmet is made from odorless, non-toxic resin plastic. It’s designed to be gently worn for short periods, not for unsupervised play.

The clear plastic allows your cat to see their surroundings, reducing anxiety from blocked vision. The snug fit around the neck prevents choking hazards. Your cat can wear their collar underneath the helmet.

Review the safety guidelines to ensure appropriate use while grooming, medicating, or visiting the vet. With reasonable precautions, the helmet lets you handle cat care tasks in the safest, calmest way possible.

Out of This World Style

Part of the fun of being a cat parent is dressing your kitty up in outrageous outfits and costumes. The Spacetastic Cat Astronaut Helmet lets you transform your cat into a stellar space explorer while keeping them secure.

Your cat can channel their inner alien while protecting you both. Its transparent dome design even makes for stellar photo opportunities. Just make sure to remove the helmet promptly after you finish grooming or medical tasks.

Who said safety gear has to be boring? Your cosmic cat will look downright intergalactic in this stylish headgear. You’ll smile every time you see them in it – almost making the scratch risk worth it…almost.

Travel to the Vet in Style

If your cat turns into a terror at the vet’s office, the Spacetastic Cat Astronaut Helmet can help transport them safely. Some cats get aggressive when frightened by car rides, vet exams, and being in an unfamiliar place.

The helmet lets you bundle kitty up without sacrificing safety. Its lightweight design is easy to get on and off for vet visits. Your cat stays protected in the car and the vet’s office. No more yowling, scratching, or biting every time you head to the vet!

You and your vet will be able to handle examinations in a calm, efficient way. Just make sure to take the helmet off if the vet needs to examine your cat’s head or mouth. With reasonable precautions, everyone stays safer and saner.

Regain Control at Nail Trimming Time

You’ve surely felt the wrath of an angry cat at nail clipping time. Their sharp claws come out, shredding your hands and arms. But the nails have to be trimmed to protect you both. That’s where the Spacetastic Cat Astronaut Helmet comes in.

Simply slip on the helmet prior to trimming. Your cat’s razor-sharp teeth stay safely behind plastic. They’ll stay calm while you clip those nails swiftly and efficiently.

No more games of cat and mouse trying to burrito wrap your cat in towels. You’ll smoothly get the job done without painful scratches or yelping cats. Your cat can see clearly and rest easy until you take the helmet off after a quick nail trim.

Stop Biting and Chewing in Its Tracks

Some cats nibble and chew on everything in sight. Cords, carpet, curtains – no household item is safe from their teeth. The Spacetastic Cat Astronaut Helmet stops this destructive chewing and biting in its tracks.

If your cat is prone to gnawing when bored or anxious, the helmet keeps your possessions protected. It blocks their access without causing your cat discomfort or obstructing their vision.

Simply slip on the helmet during times when you can’t actively monitor your cat. No more shredded curtains or electronics while you’re away at work. The helmet lets you manage destructive chewing habits safely and humanely.

Protect Your Hands During Grooming

Does your cat turn grooming time into a boxing match? Do they bite and scratch relentlessly while you try to brush them? Daily grooming is important for your cat’s health and bonding. But the battle wounds can leave you discouraged.

The Spacetastic Cat Astronaut Helmet lets you brush and groom your cat without painful scratches. Your hands and arms stay protected as you gently work out mats and keep their coat tidy. The mesh vents allow your cat to breathe easily while you pamper them.

Grooming time will become a soothing ritual for both of you. Your cat can relax into the brushes and your care. You can stroke them without fear of sharp claws and teeth. Just remember to take the helmet off afterward so they can self-groom.

Stop Aggressive Play and Roughhousing

Kittens and high-energy cats often get carried away during play. Their sharp teeth and claws come out as they bite and scratch with enthusiasm. The Astronaut Helmet stops painful bites and scratches without ending the fun.

Simply slip on the helmet when play gets too frisky. Your cat can still pounce and chase toys to their heart’s content. But your hands and arms are protected from painful nibbles and scratches.

You can let kittens wrestle and play fight safely. The helmet blocks direct biting while still allowing free movement. Roughhousing kittens can wear helmets until they learn bite inhibition. Just monitor them and limit use to short supervised play times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my cat safe wearing the helmet?

Yes, the helmet is designed to be worn safely under supervision for short periods. It allows cats to see, eat, and move normally while worn. Just follow the safety guidelines to prevent choking hazards. Never leave a cat alone while wearing the helmet.

How long can a cat wear the helmet?

Only put the helmet on for as long as necessary to complete a task like trimming nails or administering medication. It should not be worn unsupervised or for prolonged periods. Aim for just 5-10 minutes of supervised wear per use.

Will the helmet stress my cat out?

Some cats may resist or protest wearing a helmet at first. But once fitted properly, most cats will relax into the feeling of security it provides. The clear plastic dome allows them to see normally, reducing anxiety. Proper introduction and rewards help cats accept helmet wearing.

Can the helmet be cleaned?

The helmet can be wiped clean between uses with a damp cloth. Do not submerge in water. Check the integrity of the plastic before each use and discard if you notice cracks or damage that could impair safety.

Let your feline friend reach for the stars with the stellar style and space age comfort of the Spacetastic Cat Astronaut Helmet. Your out-of-this-world cat will look forward to being an intergalactic explorer while keeping you safe. Choose Spacetastic for the ultimate in cat cosplay that’s both galactic and practical.


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