Get Professional Results at Home with the Breeze Touch Dog Grooming Arm



Do you want to save money by grooming your furry friend at home, but struggle to get the same professional results? Introducing the Breeze Touch Dog Grooming Arm – the ultimate overhead pet grooming solution designed to help you groom like a pro from the comfort of home.

The Flexible and Adjustable Grooming Arm That Adapts to Any Pet

The Breeze Touch grooming arm features an innovative adjustable design that expands to fit tables 30-50 inches wide, and adjusts in height from 34-39 inches. No matter the size of your pet, this overhead arm can extend to their height for easy, ergonomic grooming access. The sturdy metal clamps secure the arm firmly in place on your table for safety and stability.

Three included grooming loops provide flexible options for keeping pets calm and controlled during the grooming process. Choose between two 19 inch nylon restraint loops or the 25 inch no-sit haunch holder. With thick foam padding, the haunch holder keeps your pet comfortable while preventing them from sitting – making it easier to thoroughly groom sensitive areas.

Designed for Maximum Maneuverability and Easy Storage

Achieve the perfect grooming position with the 270 degree rotatable elbow joint and 360 degree rotating clamp. Reach any area of your pet without straining thanks to the flexible positioning. When grooming time is over, the arm seamlessly disassembles into 5 lightweight parts for compact, organized storage. No tools are required for quick and easy assembly before each use.

Durable Construction Built to Last

This overhead pet grooming arm is constructed from heavy duty, rust-resistant metal to provide stability during use. The arm, elbow joint, and clamps are coated in a sleek black finish that prevents corrosion and hides wear. With quality thick-gauge steel and precisely engineered locking joints, you can trust the durability of this grooming arm. The secure metal clamps keep the arm firmly planted on tables up to 2.25 inches thick.

The Must-Have Tool for DIY Pet Grooming

Dogs and cats require regular grooming to keep their skin and coats healthy. But hiring a professional groomer every few weeks can get very expensive. With the Breeze Touch grooming arm, you’ll have everything you need to DIY groom your pets at home – saving time and money. The adjustable arm provides ergonomic positioning for trimming nails, washing, blow drying, brushing, and more. You’ll get professional-quality results without leaving home!

The overhead design gives you better visibility and control compared to traditional grooming methods. Keep your pet calm and contained during the process with the included restraint loops. With the ability to rotate, adjust, and lock in place, this arm allows you to properly present each area you are grooming. No more struggling to manually hold up heavy pets or reach awkward angles.

Key Features:

  • Width adjusts from 30-50 inches to fit tables
  • Height adjusts from 34-39 inches for pets of all sizes
  • 270 degree rotatable elbow joint
  • 360 degree rotating clamp
  • 5mm thick metal clamp fits tables up to 2.25 inches thick
  • 2 x 19 inch nylon restraint loops
  • 1 x 25 inch no-sit haunch holder
  • Thick foam padding on haunch holder
  • Heavy duty rust-resistant steel construction
  • Disassembles into 5 parts for easy storage
  • No tools required for assembly

Benefits of the Breeze Touch Dog Grooming Arm:

  • Saves money by enabling DIY pet grooming at home
  • Adjustable height and width fits any table and pet size
  • Provides ergonomic positioning to reduce strain
  • Keeps pets relaxed and controlled during grooming
  • Allows complete maneuverability for hard-to-reach areas
  • Easy to install, remove, and store between uses
  • Durable steel construction built to last through regular use
  • Helps you achieve salon-quality results at home

We Stand Behind the Quality

The Breeze Touch Grooming Arm comes backed by our 12-month replacement guarantee. We want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase. If you encounter any issues due to manufacturing defects, we will provide a replacement.

Order Today for Easy DIY Pet Grooming

Pamper your pet while saving time and money by grooming at home. The Breeze Touch Dog Grooming Arm provides the ideal overhead solution for washing, drying, brushing, trimming and more. Order today and transform any table into a complete pet grooming station.


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