Get Outside Squirrel – Dog’s Catnip Chill Toy



Does your dog need to chill out and relax? Introducing the Get Outside Squirrel – Dog’s Catnip Chill Toy – the perfect way to help your pup relax and get their play on!

This innovative toy combines the power of catnip with a fun, squirrel shaped plush toy that your dog will love tossing, chasing, and chewing on. But this isn’t just any old catnip. This is JuananipTM – a special blend of catnip that has a calming, relaxing effect on dogs.

How JuananipTM Calms Your Dog

Dogs have catnip receptors in their brain and digestive system, similar to cats. When they smell or ingest catnip, it binds to these receptors and induces a super relaxing response that eases anxiety, hyperactivity, and restlessness.

Juananip harnesses the natural calming powers of nepetalactone – the essential oil in catnip – to relax your dog’s mind and body. The result? A chill pup who is down to just hang out and gently play rather than bouncing off the walls.

Fun, Interactive Play for Calm Pups

The Get Outside Squirrel toy takes catnip chilling to the next level by allowing you to fill and refill the squirrel’s pouch with Juananip.

Start by adding a pinch of our premium Juananip blend to the squirrel’s pouch. Then get ready for your dog to spring into blissed out, laid back play mode.

They’ll enjoy carrying their squirrel pal around, tossing it in the air, or curling up for a snooze with their new furry friend. The Juananip pouch releases calming aromas to keep your dog relaxed and happy.

When the Juananip scent starts to fade, just add more to reactivate the chill!


  • Cute plush squirrel with a refillable pouch for JuananipTM catnip
  • Juananip has a calming, relaxing effect on dogs
  • Binds to receptors in dogs’ brains & stomachs like catnip in cats
  • Eases anxiety, hyperactivity, restlessness, and more
  • Encourages gentle, laid back interactive play
  • Refill pouch as needed to keep your dog relaxed
  • Fun toy for sniffing, tossing, carrying, and cuddling

Relaxation Delivered

Your rambunctious pup will thank you for introducing them to the calming powers of Juananip. It’s like a mini spa treatment delivered in a fun, cuddly plush toy.

Filling their squirrel buddy with delicious nepetalactone-packed catnip is the key to helping high energy dogs chill out. Your couch, shoes, and sanity will thank you too!

So if your four legged friend tends to get a little too hyper, this is the perfect way to gently bring them back down to a calmer state of mind and body. Juananip + plush squirrel = relaxation delivered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Juananip safe for my dog?

Yes! Juananip is made from premium catnip and is 100% dog safe. It delivers relaxing nepetalactone without any risky chemicals or additives.

How much Juananip should I use?

Start with a pinch or two in your squirrel’s pouch. Monitor your dog’s response, and add more Juananip as needed.

How long does the Juananip scent last?

The calming catnip aroma lasts 1-2 hours per application. Refill the pouch when the scent starts to fade.

Will my dog actually play with this toy?

Absolutely! Dogs love flinging, chasing, and chewing plush toys. The Juananip gives an extra sensory boost to keep them engaged.

What size dogs work best for this toy?

This 11 inch long squirrel is ideal for medium and larger breed dogs. Supervise use for aggressive chewers.

Give your dog the gift of relaxation today with the Get Outside Squirrel plush toy filled with calming JuananipTM catnip!


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