Freshen Dog’s Breath with Teeth Cleaning Water



Give your pup the gift of clean teeth and fresh breath with our innovative dental water additive! Simply add one teaspoon to every 8 ounces of your dog’s drinking water for an easy way to improve their oral health. Our formula works like a toothbrush in a bottle, activating when it comes into contact with your dog’s saliva to target plaque buildup and fight bacteria that causes bad breath.

Over time, consistently using our dental water additive will clean your dog’s teeth, removing tartar and promoting healthy gums without the need for brushing. The minty fresh scent will leave your dog’s breath smelling clean without any unpleasant medicine taste. We specifically designed our formula to avoid alcohol, sugar, surfactants, detergents, and artificial flavors that can irritate your pet’s stomach.

As pet owners ourselves, we know how expensive vet dental cleanings can be. Why pay hundreds of dollars when you can improve your dog’s oral hygiene every time they take a drink? Our effective yet affordable solution makes it easy to care for your pup’s teeth from home.

Keep Your Dog Hydrated with Healthy Benefits

Water is essential for your dog’s health, from maintaining organ function to regulating body temperature. Our dental water additive encourages your pet to drink more water, promoting hydration while they reap the oral hygiene benefits. Increased water consumption also aids digestive and kidney health. Support your dog’s wellbeing in more ways than one with our veterinarian-recommended formula.

Freshen Stale Water and Encourage Drinking

Let’s face it, standing water and repeatedly filled bowls collect bacteria and make for an unappealing drink. Our dental water additive eliminates odors and colors while adding a light minty scent to freshen your dog’s water. The pleasant aroma and taste make drinking water more enticing. Proper hydration is extremely important for your dog’s health, so our formula pulls double duty by improving oral health and increasing water intake.

Natural Ingredients Vet Recommended for Dental Health

Your dog can’t tell you if they have tooth pain or bad breath, so regular oral care is essential. Our dental water additive is veterinarian recommended and contains natural ingredients like aloe vera, green tea extract, coconut oil, and peppermint oil to safely and effectively clean teeth. These premium botanical extracts contain powerful enzymes, antioxidants, and antibacterial compounds shown to remove tartar, fight plaque, and destroy odor causing bacteria.

We leave out all the nasty stuff like alcohol, detergents, artificial colors, and glycerin that can upset your dog’s stomach. Our formula is even safe for puppies! Give your dog a megadose of dental care and oral wellness with our natural water additive.

Freshen Breath for Cleaner Kisses

Your pup’s kisses are a sign of affection, but bad dog breath can hold back the love. Safely freshen your dog’s breath while improving oral health at the same time with our innovative dental water additive. Our premium formula gets to work quickly to eliminate bad breath causing bacteria, leaving your dog’s mouth minty fresh. We love spoiling our pooches with kisses just as much as you do, so we created this odor-eliminating additive with extra love.

Dental Care Simplified

Brushing a dog’s teeth can be challenging, but our dental water formula makes it easy. There’s no need to brush when you can improve your dog’s oral health simply by enriching their drinking water. The natural enzymes and antibacterial ingredients get to work while your dog enjoys their water, cleaning teeth down to the gumline. Give your dog dental care on autopilot with our innovative formula.

Promote Gum Health and Remove Plaque

Poor dental hygiene doesn’t just affect your dog’s teeth, it can lead to gum disease and other oral health issues. Our solution attacks plaque buildup to care for your dog’s entire mouth. The active ingredients help control bacteria growth while gently removing tartar and plaque with natural compounds like peppermint oil and aloe vera. The antioxidants in green tea extract boost immunity against gum disease.

Over time, consistent use keeps your dog’s gums healthy and teeth plaque-free. Our dental additive supports whole mouth wellness, not just fresh breath! The best part is there’s no brushing required, the formula activates while your dog drinks.

Veterinarian Recommended Dental Care

You want the best for your furry companion, so trust our dental water additive that is veterinarian recommended for optimal oral health. We formulated it under the guidance of veterinary professionals who advise adding one teaspoon daily to your dog’s water. Follow this simple vet recommendation to improve your dog’s dental hygiene without the hassle of brushing.

Our exclusive blend of premium natural ingredients provides professional-grade care you can conveniently administer at home. We know finding time for pet dental care can be ruff, so we created an effortless way to give your dog the oral wellness they deserve.

Pet Safe and Gentle on Stomach

Your dog can’t tell you when a product makes them feel sick, so we formulate all our pet products to be gentle on your pup’s stomach. Unlike other dental additives, our formula leaves out artificial flavors, alcohol, detergents, and other harsh ingredients that can cause tummy trouble. We only use natural extracts safe enough for daily use.

Our highest priority during development was your dog’s health and safety. While tough on tartar and plaque, our dental water additive is gentle enough for pets of all ages. Care for your dog’s teeth in a way that’s completely pet safe.

Affordable and Money Saving

Professional dental cleanings at your vet’s office can cost hundreds of dollars. Our simple yet effective dental water additive allows you to improve your dog’s oral health from home at a fraction of the cost. Why spend big bucks when you can naturally clean your dog’s teeth with something they already do every day – drink water!

By adding our dental solution to your dog’s bowl, you save time and money. No need for expensive veterinary teeth cleanings when you give your dog a megadose of dental care with each sip. Simplify your pet’s oral hygiene routine while keeping more green in your wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much do I add to my dog’s water?
A: Add 1 teaspoon for every 8 ounces of water. For an average sized bowl, pour in 1-2 tablespoons.

Q: When will I notice improvements in my dog’s oral health?

A: You may notice fresher breath within a few days. Improvements to dental plaque and tartar buildup take 2-4 weeks when used consistently.

Q: Is your dental additive safe for puppies?
A: Yes! Our all-natural formula is gentle enough for growing puppies. Always monitor your puppy’s water intake.

Q: What ingredients make your formula effective?
A: Our exclusive dental solution contains aloe vera, green tea extract, coconut oil, and peppermint oil that safely fight bacteria, remove plaque, and freshen breath.

Q: Do you offer any satisfaction guarantees?
A: Absolutely! We offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy, simply contact us for a full refund.

Order now to help your dog gain all the oral hygiene benefits they deserve with our innovative dental water additive! We’re committed to making top-quality pet products affordable, so more furry friends and their owners can experience the rewards.


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