Forever My Best Friend Pet Memorial Stepping Stone



Treasure memories of your beloved pet with this touching Forever My Best Friend Pet Memorial Stepping Stone. Lovingly created to memorialize your cherished companion, this stepping stone provides a special way to celebrate the joy and comfort your pet brought into your life.

The round 9.75 inch diameter stone is made from durable, weather-resistant cement that will last for years in your garden or pathway. The top surface features a sweet design of dog and cat paw prints encircling the heartfelt sentiment “Forever My Best Friend”. Below is the name of your pet engraved within a dog bone and cat silhouette.

Honor Your Pet’s Unconditional Love

Our animal companions give us their wholehearted affection and loyalty every day. Now you can return that devotion by dedicating this memorial in their honor. Let it be a daily reminder of the special bond you share and the wonderful moments you spent together.

When you miss your beloved friend, take comfort in knowing a part of them will always be with you. Place this stone along your garden path or patio so you can feel their presence. Kneel down occasionally to trace their name and recall the endearing quirks that made them one of a kind.

Share this memorial with family so they too can pay homage to the cherished furry member of your family. This pet remembrance stone is a beautiful way to pay tribute to your loyal companion who brought you so much joy and who you miss dearly.

Meaningful Pet Loss Gift

Losing a beloved pet is one of the most difficult experiences. If you know someone grieving the loss of their special companion, this stepping stone makes a thoughtful sympathy gift. The personalized memorial provides a lasting way for them to honor their pet.

Seeing their pet’s name will reassure them that the happy memories will never fade even though their friend is no longer physically with them. This pet bereavement gift promotes healing while also celebrating the blessing it was to share their life with such a loving animal.

Decorative Touch for Your Outdoor Space

In addition to providing a touching memorial, this stepping stone also adds charming garden or patio decor. The 9.75 inch diameter is perfect for lining pathways, planting beds, or accenting porch steps. The durable weather-resistant cement ensures vibrant color that won’t fade for years.

The unique paw print motif encircling the inscription adds artistic flair. Subtle glimmer from the glitter overlay gives a magical shine in the sunlight. For an even bolder statement, get one stone engraved with your dog’s name and another with your cat’s name.

Place them together along a pathway or beneath a tree to create your own special pet memorial garden. The stones can also flank outdoor seating areas to symbolize the companionship your pets provided.

Design Your Unique Pet Memorial

Making this stepping stone even more meaningful is having your own pets name engraved. During checkout you’ll be prompted to enter the name just as you want it shown. No additional fees or delays for customization!

We’ll precisely laser engrave whichever name you provide in the indicated space below the paw prints. We can accommodate names up to 15 characters so you can include full names, nicknames, date spans or other details.

If you have more than one pet you want memorialized, just order additional stones. Each one can be personalized with a unique name. They make wonderful companion pieces to display together in tribute to all your beloved animals.

Highlight Your Pet’s Unique Personality

Want an even more personalized memorial stepping stone? Many customers choose to order their stone blank on top then they paint or decorate it themselves. Get creative with acrylic paints, markers, glitter, gems, seashells, flowers or other embellishments to reflect what made your pet so special.

You can incorporate your pet’s actual paw print, attach a photo or engraving of them, or collage other symbolic memorabilia. Make it a healing arts and crafts project to do alone or together with family and friends. Customize the stone in your own way as a fulfilling tribute.

Caring for Your Pet Memorial Stepping Stone

This pet remembrance stepping stone is designed to withstand outdoor conditions year round. However, proper care will help maintain its beauty. Here are some tips:

Wash occasionally with mild soap and water to prevent dirt buildup. Avoid abrasive cleaners.
Keep away from extreme temperature changes to prevent cracking. Bring indoors if temperature drops below freezing.
Place in an area that won’t accumulate too much moisture like under a gutter downspout.
Check the base periodically and remove any debris or vegetation growing beneath.
Consider applying sealer for extra protection and easier cleaning. Reapply sealer every 1-2 years.
Avoid placing in direct sunlight if possible to prevent fading over time. Utilize partial shade if available.

Product Details

Dimensions: 9.75″ diameter, 0.75″ thickness. Weighs 3 lbs.
Durable cement construction suitable for outdoor use. Includes protective foam base.
Textured top surface provides traction. Bottom is smooth.
Dig a proper base of compacted soil or sand at least 2-3 inches deep to prevent shifting.
Made in USA. Arrives ready for display in gift-ready packaging.

Heartfelt Gift for Someone Special

If you consider your pet a member of the family, memorialize their place in your home and heart with this Forever My Best Friend Pet Memorial Stepping Stone. The personalized design provides a unique, caring way to pay tribute to your cherished companion. Their unconditional love and companionship left paw prints on your life, so display this memorial proudly in their honor.


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