Durvet Non-Spermicidal Sterile Lubricating Jelly for Veterinary Procedures (5 oz)



Ensure a smooth and sterile veterinary procedure with Durvet Non-Spermicidal Sterile Lubricating Jelly. Specially formulated for veterinarians, this lubricating jelly provides an effective and safe lubricant for gynecological procedures that require sterile, non-spermicidal application.

The thick, long-lasting jelly creates a slick surface to minimize discomfort and trauma during examinations, artificial insemination, and other sensitive procedures. It spreads easily and smoothly without running or dripping. The sterile jelly helps prevent the introduction of infectious agents during veterinary obstetrical and gynecological manipulations.

Sterile and Non-Spermicidal

Durvet Sterile Lubricating Jelly is sterile with a triple tested non-spermicidal formula perfect for animal reproductive procedures. The non-spermicidal jelly won’t harm sperm cells during artificial insemination. It also helps prevent the transfer of harmful microorganisms into the reproductive tract.

Thick and Long-Lasting

The thick, gel-like consistency stays where you need it. It adheres well to surfaces and withstands prolonged use without drying out. The jelly creates a viscous lubricating layer that doesn’t drip or run even during extended procedures.

Flip-Top Tube for Easy Dispensing

The flip-top tube allows for quick one-handed dispensing. Simply flip open the cap and squeeze out the desired amount of lubricant. The tube is mess-free and offers precise control over the jelly application. No need to dig your fingers into an open tub!

Made in the USA

Produced in the United States, you can trust Durvet Sterile Lubricating Jelly to be a quality product. Durvet holds its lubricants to high standards and sterilizes each batch through irradiation to preserve freshness and sterility.


Durvet designs its veterinary lubricants in cooperation with experienced veterinarians. This non-spermicidal sterile lubricating jelly has the viscosity and consistency for safe and effective gynecological procedures.

Highly Versatile

Use Durvet Sterile Lubricating Jelly for:

  • Obstetrical examinations
  • Artificial insemination
  • Ultrasound procedures
  • Gynecological manipulations
  • Surgery prep

It provides an optimal lubricating solution for cats, dogs, cattle, horses, and exotic animal patients. Safe for artificial reproduction procedures for valuable breeding stock.

Order Confidently with Durvet

Durvet is a leader in animal health care, providing veterinarians and livestock producers with a wide range of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and supplies. A popular brand used by vets, you can trust Durvet to deliver a quality sterile lubricating jelly.

Get a 5 ounce tube of Durvet Non-Spermicidal Sterile Lubricating Jelly for your veterinary obstetrics and gynecology needs. Made in the USA and rigorously tested for quality.

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