Durvet Blood Stop Powder – Fast Acting Hemostatic Agent for Severe Bleeding



Life can throw unexpected injuries our way when we least expect it. From a bad kitchen accident while cooking, to scraped knees while hiking, to nose bleeds that won’t quit, bleeding emergencies happen. Being prepared with an effective blood clotting agent can make all the difference in these situations. Durvet Blood Stop Powder is a must-have first aid product for any emergency kit to stop severe bleeding fast.

Immediately Stops Bleeding from Lacerations and Wounds

Durvet Blood Stop is a veterinarian-grade hemostatic agent that works incredibly fast to stop bleeding from severe lacerations, wounds, and cuts. The active ingredients in the powder quickly form an artificial clot over the injury when applied, acting as a plug to halt bleeding on contact.

The blood coagulant powder is easy to sprinkle directly on bleeding wounds, even in hard to reach places. Unlike messy liquid agents, the dry powder formula is convenient to apply and won’t run everywhere. The blood clotting reaction begins immediately on application to let you take control of profuse bleeding emergencies.

Safe and Effective Hemostatic Powder

Durvet Blood Stop is safe to use on both pets and humans. The active hemostatic ingredients are non-toxic and won’t cause irritation. It’s even safe if some powder remains in the wound after bleeding has stopped.

The powder works on contact without cauterization so there’s no damage to surrounding skin tissue. It simply initiates the natural blood clotting cascade in the body to stop bleeding at the source. The clot breaks down naturally over time as the wound starts to heal.

This highly effective blood coagulant powder has seen extensive use with veterinarians to control bleeding during surgical procedures. It works just as well for severe bleeding accidents at home. The hemostatic agent is powerful enough for large animal wounds yet gentle enough to use for nose bleeds in children.

Convenient Shaker Jar for Quick Application

The Blood Stop powder comes in a 16 ounce shaker jar for quick and easy application right to the bleeding wound. Just shake powder directly onto the laceration or injury. The wide mouth plastic jar won’t break if dropped while dealing with an emergency.

The shaker top lets you apply the hemostatic agent one-handed. No messy pouring or hand scooping needed. Just shake liberally over the wound to form a quick clot. The shaker jar contains enough powder for multiple emergency uses.

Be Prepared for Bleeding Emergencies

Uncontrolled bleeding can quickly become life threatening without the ability to stop blood loss fast. Having an effective hemostatic agent on hand can save lives in emergency situations where every second counts. Durvet Blood Stop Powder is a crucial addition to any first aid kit to halt severe hemorrhage on contact.

Keep a jar handy while hiking or camping to treat injuries until medical care is available. Have powder ready in the kitchen or workshop in case of accidental lacerations while cooking or using blades and power tools. Place packets of the clotting powder in your purse or car so it’s always nearby for nosebleed emergencies.

Don’t be caught without the ability to control bleeding fast. Arm yourself with a safe, fast-acting blood coagulant and be prepared to take action if hemorrhaging emergencies occur. Order Durvet Blood Stop Powder today so you have it when you need it most to stop bleeding in seconds. With the ability to halt blood loss on contact, you’ll have one less thing to worry about in any unexpected emergency situation.


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