Due Felice Cat Surgery Recovery Suit – The Purrfect Protector for Your Feline Friend After Surgery



Is your beloved cat scheduled for an upcoming surgery? Are you worried about how to keep them comfortable, safe, and healthy during the recovery process? Look no further than the Due Felice Cat Surgery Recovery Suit! This ingenious onesie is specially designed to aid your cat’s healing after medical procedures and prevent complications.

Protects Your Cat’s Incision Site

The main benefit of the Due Felice recovery suit is preventing your cat from licking, scratching, or interfering with surgical incisions. Cats have a natural instinct to lick themselves, but this can disturb stitches and surgical sites, leading to infections or delayed healing. The cat onesie fully covers the torso and limbs, protecting vulnerable areas during recovery. No more cones of shame – this comfortable onesie lets your cat heal properly!

Promotes Healing with Soft, Breathable Fabric

This cat recovery suit is made from lightweight, breathable fabric that won’t irritate your cat’s skin. The soft material is gentle on incisions and allows air circulation to prevent overheating. Stretchy elastic bands ensure a customized fit for your cat’s body size and shape. Your feline will stay cool and relaxed rather than anxious and agitated. The calming fabric aids the healing process.

Easy Toileting Without Removal

Another great feature is the abdominal opening that allows male cats to urinate and defecate while wearing the recovery onesie. Just cut along the inner circle to customize it for male feline anatomy. The special rear flap makes litter box use simple without needing to remove the entire suit. Female cats can also easily access the litter tray thanks to the loose fit.

Secure Yet Comfortable Fit

The Due Felice Cat Recovery Suit secures comfortably with Velcro closures on the neck, torso, and limbs. This prevents slipping or bunching up. Elastic bands also ensure a snug fit against the skin for optimal protection. Despite the secure fit, your cat will still be able to move, play, eat and drink while wearing the recovery onesie. It’s far less restrictive than traditional cone collars.

Quick & Easy to Put On and Take Off

The rear-fastening design with buttons and Velcro makes this cat recovery suit very simple to put on your feline. Just slip it over their head and fasten the straps for instant protection. For removal, undo the closures and gently pull it off. Your cat can’t wriggle out of it before they’re ready. The hassle-free application and removal reduce stress for both pet parents and patients!

Allows Restful Sleep & Comfort

Recovery is tiring! Your cat needs quality rest and sleep after surgery, which is difficult while wearing rigid plastic cones. The Due Felice Cat Recovery Suit allows your furry friend to sleep comfortably in any position. They can curl up, stretch out, and get the uninterrupted Zzz’s needed for optimal recuperation. Sweet dreams and improved wellbeing!

Move & Eat Freely While Protected

The recovery onesie is designed for functionality, not restriction. Unlike cones and restrictive bandages, your cat can still move, walk, play, eat, drink, and use the litterbox while protected in the suit. The breathable fabric won’t cause overheating or irritation. Forget the cone, your cat will feel like their happy, healthy self while healing!

Stylish & Fun Leopard Print Design

This recovery suit doesn’t look like a medical device – it’s a fashion statement! The playful pink leopard print pattern adds a fun flair. Your cat will look cute and sassy rather than downtrodden. Customers love the vibrant style as it adds some brightness to recovery. It also comes in a range of solid colors if you prefer a more understated look.

Ideal Alternative to Cone Collars

Say goodbye to the clunky plastic cone! Cat parents report this onesie is an excellent alternative for their felines after neutering and other surgeries. It keeps them protected and comfortable without the hassle and frustration of rigid cones. One satisfied customer said it prevented her cat from compromising stitches after an abdominal procedure.

Affordable & Reusable

The Due Felice Cat Recovery Suit provides premium protection and comfort at an affordable price. reusable for multiple veterinary procedures and the high-quality fabric holds up well to repeated wear and washing. This is a worthwhile investment in your cat’s healing and wellbeing. The benefits far outweigh the low cost for most pet parents.

Sizing for Optimal Fit

For the best protective fit, be sure to choose the proper size suit for your cat:

Small: for cats under 10lbs
Medium: for cats 10-13lbs
Large: for cats 13-17lbs Measure your cat’s weight and neck circumference if unsure about appropriate sizing. Proper fit is crucial for preventing licking and scratching.

Give Your Cat the Purrfect Recovery Experience

Help your feline friend heal comfortably and safely after surgery with the ingenious Due Felice Cat Recovery Suit. This well-designed onesie protects surgical sites, prevents complications, and keeps your cat calm and relaxed during recovery. Durable, breathable, easy to wear, and infinitely better than the cone collar, it’s the purrfect solution for your cat’s post-op experience. Order today and see the five-star reviews from happy pet parents!


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