Drymate Distressed Wood Tan Pet Bowl Feeding Placemat – Absorbent, Slip Resistant Dog & Cat Food Mat



Give your furry friend the gift of clean eating with the Drymate Distressed Wood Tan Pet Bowl Placemat. This innovative feeding mat helps contain the mess at mealtime to protect your floors from spills, drips, crumbs, and more. With its stylish faux wood grain design, it will seamlessly blend into any decor while keeping your pet’s dining area tidy.

Absorbent Fabric & Waterproof Backing

The patented Drymate material is specially engineered with your home in mind. The absorbent polyester fabric top layer instantly soaks up any spilled water or food, while the waterproof backing prevents liquids from seeping through to the floor underneath. No more worrying about stains or damage! The slip-resistant bottom also helps keep the mat from sliding around during your pet’s enthusiastic chow time.

Traps Crumbs & Contains Messes

Mealtime can get messy between splashing water, dropped kibble, stray meat chunks, and more. This feeding mat contains it all! The soft felt-like fabric traps food crumbs and debris so they don’t scatter across your floors. Any spills or drips are quickly absorbed before they have a chance to make a mess.

Easy Maintenance & Durable

While the fabric top is soft for your pet’s comfort, this mat is designed to be extremely durable and withstand daily use. When it’s time to clean, simply toss it in the washing machine – no need for special care. The mat is constructed with over 50% recycled fibers, so you can feel good about this eco-friendly choice. It’s built to last through countless meals, washes, and years of love.

Safe Materials & Quality Construction

With your pet’s health in mind, this mat is proudly made in the USA with phthalate- and BPA-free materials. The waterproof vinyl backing provides a secure barrier against leaks without unwanted chemicals. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your pet is dining on a safe, high-quality surface.

Choose from Multiple Size & Color Options

Available in your choice of 12×20 inch or 18×24 inch mats to perfectly fit your pet’s eating area. With distressed wood tan, charcoal gray, festive red plaid, and other color patterns, you can select the perfect look for your home. Each mat features the same advanced absorbent fabric technology and quality construction.

Minnesota-Based Brand You Can Trust

Drymate is a family-owned company based right in Minnesota, USA. Established in 1980, we have over 40 years of experience creating innovative absorbent products specialized for pets and people. Our core community values drive us to donate to homeless shelters, animal rescues, and eco-friendly initiatives in the US. When you choose Drymate, you support a trusted American brand.

Give your floors a break and your pet a clean dining experience with the Drymate Distressed Wood Tan Pet Bowl Placemat. This absorbent mat helps wrangle feeding time messes so you can spend more time playing and cuddling with your furry best friend. Place your order today!


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