Double Cat Dog Bowls Elevated Feeding Station with Tilted Stand for Cats and Small Dogs



Give your furry friends the royal treatment they deserve with these elevated double cat and dog bowls! Crafted with care, these bowls feature a unique design to provide maximum comfort and convenience for pets during mealtimes.

The tilted stand elevates the bowls to reduce neck strain while eating and drinking. By raising the bowls off the floor, pets can access their food without having to bend down awkwardly. This takes pressure off the neck and spine, helping prevent joint pain and discomfort. The 15 degree angle is ideal for promoting proper posture and allows for easier swallowing.

Made from premium food-grade materials, you can have peace of mind knowing these bowls are safe for daily use. The sleek white PC plastic is non-toxic and BPA-free. It’s also easy to clean and maintain – simply wipe down or throw in the dishwasher after meals.

Underneath the removable stainless steel bowls, non-slip silicone grippers keep everything firmly in place. No more chasing after bowls or messy spills! The rubber feet also prevent floor scratches and sliding.

With two bowls, you can serve wet and dry food simultaneously. Or use one for water and the other for food. The cat ear shaped bowls hold up to 26 oz, providing ample capacity for meals. And the cute design adds a touch of fun and style to feedings.

Give your pets the comfort and health they deserve with these elevated double bowls! The tilted angle helps prevent neck strain and discomfort while the non-slip base provides stability. These durable bowls are sure to be a hit with cats, dogs, and pet parents alike!

Key Features:

  • Elevated double bowl set with 15° tilted stand to reduce neck strain
  • Cat ear shaped stainless steel bowls hold up to 26 oz capacity each
  • Premium food-grade PC plastic construction is BPA-free and non-toxic
  • Non-slip silicone grippers keep bowls firmly in place
  • Rubber feet prevent messy spills and floor scratches
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Sleek white color complements any home decor

Reduce Neck and Joint Pain

The raised design and tilted angle of these pet bowls aim to make mealtimes more comfortable and healthy for your furry companions. Elevating the bowls off the ground brings food and water closer to your pet’s face, reducing the strain on their neck while eating and drinking. The 15° forward tilt mimics a natural eating posture that pets would use in the wild. This takes pressure off the vertebrae and joints by eliminating the awkward bending motion required when eating from bowls placed on the floor. With less discomfort in their neck, pets can enjoy their meals pain-free and have an easier time swallowing.

Premium Materials for Safety and Convenience

Constructed using food-grade PC plastic and stainless steel, you can have confidence knowing these materials are safe for your pet. The plastic base and stand are BPA-free and contain no toxic chemicals. The stainless steel bowls are durable and rust-resistant for years of worry-free use. Both the plastic and steel components are built to withstand daily wear and tear. When it’s time to clean up, simply detach the bowls from the stand and throw either piece in the dishwasher. The smooth, non-porous materials prevent bacteria buildup and make cleaning a breeze.

Non-Slip Grippers Keep Bowls in Place

Messy spills and chasing after sliding bowls will be a thing of the past thanks to the non-slip silicone grippers on the base of these elevated pet bowls. The ribbed grippers firmly grasp the bowls to prevent tipping or sliding during enthusiastic eating sessions. With the bowls securely in place, pets can focus on mealtime without creating a mess on the floor. The rubber feet on the stand also keep the base from sliding on floors and prevent scratches.

Dual Bowls for Wet and Dry Food

With two stainless steel bowls included, you can serve wet canned food in one and dry kibble in the other. Each bowl has a 26 oz capacity, providing plenty of room for food and water. Or fill both with water to help pets stay hydrated. The sleek cat ear shaped rim adds a cute accent.

Easier for Aging or Arthritic Pets

For older pets or those with arthritis or joint problems, these elevated bowls can make a huge difference in easing discomfort and pain during meals. The standing height takes pressure off sore joints and necks so pets can enjoy their food without awkward bending and straining. The tilt helps food and water flow down naturally, allowing arthritic pets to eat and drink with minimal effort and discomfort.

Ideal for Cats and Smaller Dogs

While these bowls are suitable for pets of all sizes, they work exceptionally well for cats, kittens, small dog breeds, puppies, and similarly sized animals. The scaled-down size and tilted angle cater to their stature and natural eating positions. The elevated design brings the bowls closer to your pet’s face for easy access without excessive bending. Give your little furry companions the comfort they deserve at mealtimes!

Treat your pets like royalty and serve their meals in style with these elevated double cat and dog bowls! With a sleek modern design and thoughtful features to promote pet health and convenience, these bowls make feeding time more enjoyable for pets and pet parents alike. Give your furry friends the advantage of proper posture and less strain while dining in comfort.


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