DOGSWELL Fast-Acting Styptic Powder for Minor Cuts and Bleeding



Your furry friend just got a little nick while you were grooming them. Or maybe they scratched themselves on something sharp while playing outside. Whatever the cause, bleeding and cuts are no fun for pets or pet parents. But don’t worry, help is here with DOGSWELL Remedy+Recovery Fast-Acting Styptic Powder. This professional quality styptic powder quickly stops minor bleeding and aids in healing small cuts and abrasions.

Stops Bleeding Fast

Made with potent botanicals like yarrow and witch hazel, this styptic powder gets to work immediately upon application to promote rapid clotting. The powerful astringents constrict blood vessels to stop bleeding fast on small cuts, nicks, and scratches. Just dip a cotton swab into the powder and press onto the wound for 20-30 seconds. The bleeding should stop, giving your pet relief and comfort.

Soothes and Aids Healing

In addition to its fast-acting styptic properties, this powder also contains allantoin, aloe vera, and calendula to soothe and protect the affected area. Allantoin moisturizes and exfoliates to aid healing. Aloe vera and calendula provide a protective barrier with natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to prevent infection and speed recovery. Your pet’s wound will look and feel better quickly with the help of these gentle botanicals.

Professional Groomer Quality

You can have the same high-quality styptic powder that professional groomers use right at home. The salon-grade formula quickly stops bleeding from small cuts, nicks, and scratches that can occur during grooming procedures like nail trims and haircuts. Keep some on hand for home grooming mishaps so you can take care of minor wounds right away.

Easy to Use Powder Formula

The powder formula is convenient and easy to use. Simply dip a cotton swab or cloth into the powder and press onto the bleeding cut or scratch for 20-30 seconds. The astringent properties will quickly aid clotting. The powder formula also easily adheres to the wound to protect it while also helping to stop the bleeding. No need to deal with messy creams or liquids.

Safe and Effective Ingredients

This styptic powder contains safe, natural ingredients like yarrow extract, witch hazel, allantoin, aloe vera leaf extract, and calendula extract. The powerful botanicals are effective at stopping bleeding and protecting and soothing cuts and abrasions. And they are gentle enough to use on dogs, cats, and other pets.

Suitable for Minor Cuts

This product is intended to stop bleeding from minor cuts and abrasions. While it works quickly and effectively, it is not intended for treating major wounds, deep cuts, or heavy bleeding. Please consult your veterinarian if your pet has a serious injury or profuse bleeding that does not subside quickly with the use of this product.

Easy to Apply Powder

Just a small amount of this powder can make a big difference in quickly stopping bleeding from small cuts and nicks. Thanks to the convenient powder formula, it’s easy to dip a cotton swab into the container and apply to the affected area. The powder adheres well so you can be sure it will stay put and do its job.

Comes in a Handy Container

This professional-quality styptic powder comes in a convenient 1.5 ounce plastic jar with a flip-top lid. The small container is perfect to keep handy for grooming sessions or to throw in your pet first aid kit. The flip-top lid makes it easy to open with one hand so you can quickly access the powder whenever you need it.

Provide Fast Relief for Your Pet

Cuts and nicks happen, but you can provide fast relief and comfort for your dog, cat or other pet with DOGSWELL Remedy+Recovery Styptic Powder. The highly effective herbal formula will quickly stop bleeding from minor wounds so you can breathe easier knowing your pet’s discomfort will be short-lived. Keep some on hand for grooming mishaps, play injuries, and other situations where your pet needs fast-acting bleeding relief.


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