Dogit Fresh & Clear Pet Water Fountain Replacement Filters – 3 Pack



Keep your pet’s water fresh and clean with the Dogit Fresh & Clear Replacement Filters for pet water fountains. Staying hydrated is important for your dog or cat’s health, and these filters help remove impurities and odors from their drinking water to keep it tasting fresh.

Activated Carbon Absorbs Impurities for Cleaner Water

The secret behind these replacement filters’ cleaning power lies in the activated carbon. Activated carbon has a porous structure that works like a magnet to trap unwanted particles in the water as it flows through the filter. From tap water chemicals like chlorine to unpleasant tastes and odors, activated carbon captures a wide range of contaminants to leave your pet’s drinking water cleaner and better-tasting.

Traps Debris to Keep Water Free of Clutter

Not only does activated carbon filter out impurities you can’t see, these replacement filters also stop larger pieces of debris. Their dual-function filter screens catch stray pieces of kibble, pet fur, dirt, and other sediment that would otherwise end up in your pet’s water. This debris trapping helps keep the fountain water clear and free of clutter that could clog the fountain.

Maintains Proper Water Fountain Function

Over time, buildup from contaminants, minerals and debris can impede your water fountain’s performance. By removing these particles before they accumulate, these replacement filters help keep your pet fountain working as it should. Simply swap out the used filter cartridge for a fresh one every 2-4 weeks to maintain clean water flow.

Easy to Install in Any Dogit Fountain

Designed specifically for Dogit brand fountains, these replacement filter cartridges readily fit into any Dogit Fresh & Clear pet fountain. Their integrated hang tab makes them easy to handle during installation or removal. Just lift out the old cartridge and drop in a new one – no tools required.

Convenient 3-Pack Lasts for Months

Buying your replacement filters in a 3-pack helps save you money over buying individually. With each cartridge lasting 2-4 weeks, one 3-pack provides enough filters to keep your pet’s water fresh for up to 3 months. The included storage container also protects unused filters until you need them.

Give your pet the kind of fresh, clean drinking water you would want with the Dogit Fresh & Clear Replacement Filters. Order a 3-pack today to keep water in your Dogit fountain tasting and smelling its best!


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