Dogit Fresh & Clear Drinking Water Fountain Replacement Filters for Clean Water – 3 Pack



Tired of your pet’s drinking fountain getting clogged with fur, food and debris? It’s time to refresh their water with the Dogit Fresh & Clear Replacement Filters 3-Pack. These replacement filters are specially designed for the Dogit and Zeus pet drinking fountains to keep your pet’s water clean, fresh and flowing.

Clean, Filtered Water for Your Pet’s Health

Just like us, pets need access to clean drinking water. However, dog and cat fur, food particles and other debris can quickly contaminate their water source. That’s where the Dogit replacement filters come in. The activated carbon in each filter cartridge absorbs impurities in the water to provide your pet with a clean supply of drinking water. No more particles floating in the fountain reservoir – just fresh purified water every time your pet takes a drink.

Traps Debris to Keep Water Flowing

Over time, pet fur, sediment and food particles will accumulate in your pet fountain. This buildup can clog the fountain tubes and pumps, preventing water from circulating properly. The Dogit replacement filters collect all this debris to keep the water flowing freely. Just replace the filter cartridge periodically to refresh the fountain and keep it working its best.

Fits Dogit and Zeus Pet Fountains

The Dogit replacement filter 3-pack is compatible with both the Dogit Fresh & Clear pet drinking fountain and the Zeus Elevated pet drinking fountain. Each filter cartridge measures 4.5″L x 2.5″W x 1″H and has an easy slide-in design to fit either fountain seamlessly.

For Cleaner Water and a Healthier Pet

Give your cat or dog the gift of cleaner drinking water with these Dogit replacement filters. The activated carbon traps impurities while the foam catches pet hair and debris. Maintaining the filter regularly helps provide your pet with a constant supply of cleaner water for better health and hydration. Purchase the 3-pack today to keep your Dogit or Zeus pet fountain operating at peak performance.

Why Choose Dogit Replacement Filters?

  • Activated carbon removes impurities from water
  • Foam filter traps pet fur, food and debris
  • Keeps pet fountain water clean and flowing
  • Fits Dogit Fresh & Clear and Zeus fountains
  • Includes 3 replacement filter cartridges
  • For fresher, cleaner pet drinking water

Give Your Pet the Gift of Clean Drinking Water

Dogit replacement filters are a small way to show your furry friend some love. Keeping their water clean and debris-free ensures they have a healthy supply of water whenever they’re thirsty. Place your order for the Dogit 3-pack today and refresh your pet fountain! Your cat or dog will enjoy cleaner, better tasting water with each sip.


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