Dogipot Earth-Friendly Doggie Waste Bags – 200 Bags Per Roll, 2 Pack



Tired of traditional plastic bags that are an eyesore and harmful to the environment? Dogipot Earth-Friendly Doggie Waste Bags offer a progressive, eco-conscious alternative for responsible pet parents.

These litter bags are made from high-density polyethylene, a durable, earth-friendly material that breaks down faster than conventional plastic. The result? Litter bags that are not only sturdy and reliable for picking up after your pup, but better for the planet too.

An Eco-Friendly Solution for Cleaner Neighborhoods

Dog waste is an unfortunate but inevitable part of being a pet owner. However, traditional plastic waste bags add even more pollution to our communities and waterways. That’s why Dogipot Earth-Friendly Bags are a game changer.

Made from recycled and renewable resources, these biodegradable dog poop bags start breaking down as soon as 30 days after disposal. Compared to the 450 years it takes conventional plastic bags to decompose, these earth-friendly bags make a huge impact on reducing plastic waste.

As a pet parent, you want to do what’s best for the environment while keeping your neighborhood clean. With Dogipot’s litter bags, you can pick up after your pooch guilt-free and reduce the amount of plastic that piles up in landfills and harms wildlife. It’s a simple switch that makes a big difference.

Sturdy Design Holds Mess Securely

Earth-friendly materials are wonderful, but usefulness is also a top priority when it comes to dog waste bags. That’s why Dogipot’s bags are specially designed for strength, security and leak protection.

The thick HDPE material and double seam bottom prevent tearing or accidents. When you tie the top tight, the mess stays put inside the bag where it belongs. No more worrying about unpleasant surprises or stains during the walk home.

Thoughtful details like the easy-tie handles also make the clean up process smoother. The bags effortlessly turn inside out so you can quickly grab them and secure the waste in one neat little parcel ready for the trash.

For pet owners, few things are more annoying than flimsy bags that rip or leak. With Dogipot’s reliable construction, you can trust that these bags have the durability to handle even large dog messes without fail.

Odor Blocking Technology

There’s nothing pleasant about picking up dog waste, but Dogipot Earth-Friendly Bags help control odors thanks to their odor blocking technology. This stops smells from escaping the bag, keeping the mess and stench contained.

No more holding your breath or rushing home to get the bag out of sight. The odor neutralizing properties give you peace of mind that smells won’t spread and linger.

With Dogipot Earth-Friendly Bags, you can focus on the walk or playtime instead of worrying about unpleasant aromas. It’s a more confident, carefree way to clean up after your dog.

Extra Large Size for Any Breed

Big dog? No problem! Dogipot Earth-Friendly Bags come in an extra large size designed for larger breeds.

At 9 x 13 inches, these poop bags have plenty of room for even substantial messes. The reinforced seam gives them stretchability as well, so you can fit a sizable amount of waste in every bag.

With larger dogs, you need a bag you can trust to handle the job. Dogipot’s extra large litter bags are up for the task, giving you the confidence to pick up after pets of all sizes.

200 Bags Per Roll, 2 Rolls Included

This eco-friendly litter bag bundle includes 200 bags per roll and 2 rolls total. That’s 400 reliable, earth-friendly bags ready for walk time.

The convenient dispenser box keeps the bags protected and makes them easily accessible. Simply snap open the lid, pull out a bag as needed, then snap it shut.

With 200 bags per roll, you get plenty of uses out of each order. Once the first roll runs low, the second is there at the ready to easily reload and refill. No more running out unexpectedly on walks.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Dogipot wants you to be fully happy with your earth-friendly dog waste bags. That’s why they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you’re ever unsatisfied with the product for any reason, you can return them for a full refund or replacement. No need to keep waste bags that don’t live up to your standards.

As a company, Dogipot is dedicated to innovative products that are both functional and environmentally responsible. These extra large biodegradable bags exemplify that mission, giving pet owners an effective clean-up tool that’s gentle on the planet.

Reduce plastic pollution, enjoy odor control and conveniently clean up after dogs of all sizes with Dogipot Earth-Friendly Dog Waste Bags. This two-pack bundle brings together quality, sustainability and reliability for waste bags you can depend on and feel good about using.


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