DogFresh Itch Relief Spray for Dogs & Cats



Is your furry friend constantly scratching, licking or chewing their skin? DogFresh Itch Relief Spray provides fast, soothing relief for dogs and cats with dry, itchy skin caused by dandruff, rashes, dermatitis, mange and other skin conditions. The natural formula contains oatmeal and baking soda to gently cleanse, moisturize and deodorize your pet’s coat and skin, without irritating their eyes.

DogFresh can be used as:

  • A waterless dog shampoo – Cleanses and moisturizes without the hassle of bathing
  • A dander-reducing spray – Soothes itchy skin and helps reduce dandruff
  • A natural deodorizer – Absorbs odors without harsh perfumes
  • Reusable grooming wipes – For quick cleanups and sanitizing
  • A detangling spray – Makes brushing easier and reveals soft, healthy fur

The soap-free, detergent-free formula is gentle enough to use every day alongside veterinarian prescribed treatments. It’s perfect for puppies and kittens too! See the immediate improvement to your pet’s skin and coat, and finally get relief for your scratching, biting fur baby.

DogFresh Itch Relief Spray: Natural care and comfort for problem pet skin.


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