Dispoz-A-Scoop Dog Waste Bags, 96 Count



Tired of dealing with messy, leaky dog waste bags? Searching for an eco-friendly way to clean up after your furry friend? Look no further than Dispoz-A-Scoop Dog Waste Bags. These durable, leak-proof bags make picking up dog poop a breeze.

The Clean, Convenient Way to Scoop the Poop

Dispoz-A-Scoop bags are specially designed with a reinforced bottom seam and twist tie closure to prevent leaks and messes. The thick plastic and double seam construction contain all the stink, so you can focus on enjoying time with your dog instead of worrying about cleaning up after them.

Simply slip your hand inside the bag, pick up the poop, twist the bag shut and toss. It’s that easy! No more scrambling to find spare bags or dealing with the inevitable mess that comes with a flimsy product.

An Eco-Friendly Choice

These bags are not only convenient, but environmentally friendly too. Dispoz-A-Scoop bags are made from LDPE #4 plastic which is recyclable in many municipalities.

Reducing plastic waste is important, and these durable bags avoid the landfill with proper disposal. One box provides enough bags for at least 30 uses, cutting down on excess packaging.

You can feel good about choosing a planet-friendly option while also making your life easier. It’s a win-win!

Key Features

  • Contains 96 bags per box
  • Thick, leak-proof plastic material
  • Reinforced seams on sides and bottom
  • Convenient twist ties to securely close bag
  • Scoop handle for easy pick up
  • Oversized bag size (9 x 13 inches)
  • Made from recyclable #4 LDPE plastic
  • Eco-friendly alternative to plastic grocery bags

The Dispoz-A-Scoop Difference

What sets Dispoz-A-Scoop bags apart? Here are some key advantages over other plastic dog waste bags:

Super Thick Plastic – At 3ML thick, these bags are up to 60% thicker than average. The durable plastic prevents messy leaks and holes during use.

Reinforced Seams – With double stitched side seams and thick plastic along the bottom seam, the bag stays securely closed from pickup to disposal.

Oversized Bag Size – At 9 x 13 inches, the bag offers plenty of room to wrap up waste comfortably. Fits even large dog’s waste with no problem.

Twist Tie Closure – Just twist the reinforced top for a tight seal that contains unpleasant odors. No more stinky accidents!

Plastic Scoop – The integrated handle allows you to scoop and seal in one easy motion.

Customer Reviews

Dispoz-A-Scoop bags are a customer favorite with hundreds of positive reviews:

“These bags are the best! So thick and well made. No more messy clean ups or panicking when I run out of bags on a walk.” – Sarah D.

“Finally a bag that doesn’t leak or rip open. The twist tie seals in any smell which is huge when walking my dog.” – Mark P.

“I used to dread taking my dog on walks because dealing with her waste was such a hassle. These Dispoz-A-Scoop bags made my life so much easier. I recommend them to all dog owners!” – Amanda L.

“So glad I found these extra thick, leak-proof bags. They made me realize not all dog waste bags are created equal. These are a game changer for clean ups.” – Max T.

Order Dispoz-A-Scoop Bags Today!

Never deal with a leaky mess again while cleaning up after your dog. Dispoz-A-Scoop Dog Waste Bags offer a convenient, eco-friendly solution for all dog owners. Each box contains 96 thick, durable and leak-proof bags that securely contain unpleasant odors and messes.

Order now and make dog walks less smelly and messy again. Your pup will thank you!


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