Discover Hidden Dangers and Stains with the DARKBEAM UV395 Blacklight Flashlight



Have you ever worried that your home harbors unseen threats to your family’s health and safety? The DARKBEAM UV395 Blacklight Flashlight brings peace of mind by revealing hidden dangers that are invisible to the naked eye. Equipped with a powerful 395nm UV LED, this blacklight quickly exposes pet stains, bacteria, mold, chemicals and more – even on dark surfaces.

Now you can easily inspect for pet accidents, find hidden mold or check for scorpions and other creepy crawlies. No longer will you accidentally step in “surprises” left by your furry friends. Just wave the light over carpets, upholstery and hard floors to pinpoint dried urine spots, then clean thoroughly to eliminate odors and potential bacteria. It’s also great for detecting radon, automotive leaks, counterfeit money and suspicious stains.

With its aircraft-grade aluminum body, durable design and IPX4 water resistance, the DARKBEAM UV395 is built take on any inspection task. The precision-engineered zoomable lens allows you to widen or narrow the beam for detailed inspections. Easily illuminate an entire room or zoom in on a precise area.

Reveal Hidden Dangers to Create a Healthier Home

Detect Pet Urine – Dried urine contains crystals that glow brightly under UV light, guiding you to spots that need cleaning. Eliminate stains and bacteria that can cause unpleasant odors.

Find Scorpions – Scorpion exoskeletons glow under UV light, making it easier to find and remove these unwanted pests.

Identify Mold – Mold on walls, floors and other surfaces fluoresces under UV light so you can identify and remediate affected areas.

Inspect for Bed Bugs – Bed bugs and their eggs glow a bluish-white under UV light, letting you find infestations early.

Check for Rodent Contamination – Mice and rats leave UV-visible urine trails that allow you to pinpoint areas of contamination.

Find Automotive Leaks – Add fluorescent dye to car fluids then use the UV395 to spot leaks by the glow.

Detect Counterfeit Money – Many security features on currency fluoresce under UV light, helping identify fakes.

Feature-Packed Design for Ultimate Functionality

The DARKBEAM UV395 combines an ergonomic shape and thoughtful features to be the perfect UV inspection tool:

Rechargeable Battery – The built-in 3400mAh lithium battery provides up to 8 hours of runtime on a full charge. No more wasting money on bulbs and batteries!

Portable and Lightweight – Weighing just 4.2 ounces, it conveniently fits into a pocket or bag for easy portability.

Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Body – The durable aluminum construction allows it to survive drops and impacts during everyday use.

IPX4 Water Resistance – Don’t worry about getting the light wet while inspecting sinks, tubs and other areas.

Adjustable Zoom Focus – Easily adjust the beam from flood to spot with a simple turn of the bezel.

Hand Strap – The stretchable strap allows for a secure grip during extended inspections.

Built-in Clip – The heavy-duty steel clip attaches securely to a pocket or belt for convenient access.

Safely Detect Hazards in Any Situation

The DARKBEAM UV395 is the perfect inspection light for homeowners, pet owners, plumbers, electricians, auto mechanics, exterminators and any professional who needs to find hidden threats.

Its 395nm UV wavelength excels at making organic stains, minerals and chemicals glow vibrantly, even on dark or dirty surfaces. And unlike lower 365nm lights, it won’t create visible blue/purple glow that drowns out fluorescence.

The adjustable zoom and lightweight design allow you to scan any area, overhead or below, without strain or hassle. Just turn on the light and move it around until suspect spots glow.

Never miss a potential hazard again with this professional-grade UV inspection light! Order the DARKBEAM UV395 today and take control of your family’s health and home.


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