Dexas Popware 1 Cup Pet Food Measuring Scoop with Bag Clip – Portion Control for Cats & Dogs



Tired of your pet begging for more food at every meal? Struggling to store open bags of kibble without it going stale? Searching for an easy way to portion your furry friend’s diet? This collapsible 1 cup pet food scoop from Dexas is the perfect solution!

Convenient All-In-One Design

This ingenious scoop combines three handy pet care tools in one compact design. First, it’s a 1 cup capacity measuring scoop to help you portion your pet’s food. The 1 cup size is ideal for controlling a cat or small dog’s diet. No more overfeeding!

Second, it has an integrated bag clip to neatly seal open bags of kibble. No more wrestling with bag clips or twist ties! The clip attaches right onto the bag to keep food fresh longer.

And third, the scoop collapses flat for space-saving storage. When not in use, it takes up hardly any room at all. So convenient for packing in suitcases, campers, or RVs.

Sturdy Construction

This pet scoop is made from tough, BPA-free plastic that withstands daily use. The hinge clicks open and closed smoothly when portioning food. The bright colors make it easy to spot in your pet supply cabinet or bag.

The extra-wide handle fits comfortably in your hand. The textured grip gives you control when scooping even sticky or chunky kibble. No more spills!

Maintains Food Freshness

Tired of your pet’s food going stale before they can finish the bag? The airtight seal from the KlipScoop’s bag clip extends the shelf life of opened kibble bags. It prevents moisture and air from getting in, keeping dry food crisp and crunchy.

With the bag neatly rolled and clipped, you can store it in any closet or pantry without food spilling out. No more messy cabinets!

Controls Portions & Prevents Overeating

Do you worry about your pooch or kitty overindulging at mealtimes? This 1 cup scoop makes it easy to follow vet recommended portion sizes.

For many pets, 1 cup of kibble per meal is the perfect amount. The scoop removes the temptation to eyeball it and overfeed. This promotes healthy weight maintenance and prevents tummy upsets from gobbling down too much.

The smaller size is also great for multi-pet homes. No need to dirty a bunch of different measuring cups at each feeding.

Travel-Friendly Convenience

Heading out on a weekend getaway or road trip with your fur baby? The KlipScoop’s collapsible design takes up hardly any space when packed.

Its plastic construction won’t break or leak in your suitcase, camper, or boat. The grippy handle provides stability when scooping food in a moving RV or cruising watercraft.

No need to pack multiple pet care items. This single tool handles portioning, sealing, and storage all in one!

Dishwasher Safe Cleaning

Food residue and oils can build up over time, but cleaning this scoop is a cinch. Simply place it on the top rack of your dishwasher after use. The high heat sanitizes and removes any stuck-on bits.

You can also hand wash it with hot water and soap if preferred. The smooth plastic surfaces rinse clean with no hassle. Air dry or wipe with a towel before storing.

No need to worry about lingering food odors or bacteria with this easy-care design. Keep your pet’s meals hygienic with this dishwasher safe tool.

Key Features:

  • 1 cup capacity pet food scoop
  • Built-in bag clip seals opened kibble bags
  • Promotes proper portion control for pets
  • BPA-free plastic construction
  • Textured grip handle provides control
  • Folds flat for compact storage
  • Lightweight and travel-friendly
  • Top rack dishwasher safe

Ideal for Pet Owners Who Want:

  • To limit pet’s food intake
  • An airtight seal for opened kibble bags
  • A snack-size scoop for small pets
  • A folding tool for RVing or camping
  • To save cabinet space
  • An easy-to-clean pet feeding tool

Get the Most from Your Pet’s Food with the KlipScoop

Remembering proper pet food portions and keeping kibble fresh can be a challenge. But this handy scoop from Dexas solves both problems in one compact tool.

The 1 cup capacity is perfect for controlling portions at mealtime. No more pudgy pets from overfeeding! The integrated clip seals up opened bags to maintain freshness longer.

With its smart collapsible design, the KlipScoop tucks neatly away when not in use. No more bulky pet feeding tools taking up precious cabinet space. Its plastic construction holds up to daily use and cleans up easily.

Give your pets the right amount of food and keep their kibble crunchy longer with the Dexas KlipScoop. Order this all-in-one portion control scoop for your dogs or cats today!


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