Depets Adjustable Pet Recovery Cone for Cats, Puppies, Rabbits – Protective Elizabethan Collar for Fast Healing After Surgery or Injuries



Is your furry friend recovering from surgery or suffering from irritating skin conditions that cause incessant scratching and biting? As a pet owner, it hurts to see your cat, puppy, or rabbit go through post-op pain or discomfort. But you can help protect and speed up their recovery with the Depets Adjustable Recovery Pet Cone.

This innovative Elizabethan collar takes the stress and frustration out of wound healing. The adjustable velcro straps ensure a custom, secure fit for optimal protection. And the lightweight plastic is comfortable enough for all-day wear. No more cones slipping off or needing constant adjustments!

Benefits of the Depets Recovery Cone

Prevents Licking, Biting & Scratching of Surgical Sites

The last thing you want is your pet aggravating their incision or irritating their skin condition. This protective cone creates a physical barrier so they can’t reach problem areas. No more cone of shame – just faster healing!

Breathable & Lightweight for All-Day Comfort

The plastic cone is ventilated for airflow and only weighs 6 ounces. Pets can relax, eat, drink, and sleep without being bothered by a heavy, uncomfortable e-collar.

Adjustable Straps for a Customizable, Secure Fit

The velcro straps ensure you can find the perfect tightness for your pet’s neck size and shape. No more escapes and no need to constantly re-adjust a loose collar.

Smooth, Rounded Edges to Prevent Accidental Scratches

Your pet won’t risk scratching their face or you with sharp corners. The soft, smoothed edges keep everyone safe.

Easy On/Off for Less Stress

Simply unfasten the velcro when it’s time for a break. Quick on and off prevents struggling and frustration.

Suitable for Small Dogs, Cats, Rabbits & More

The adjustable small size fits neck circumferences 5.9″ – 7.6″, perfect for cats, toy breed dogs up to 8 lbs, rabbits, guinea pigs, and other small pets.

How to Use the Depets Recovery Collar

Using the protective cone is simple:

Unfasten the velcro straps and widen the collar opening. Gently place it around your pet’s neck.
Tighten the straps until snug. Make sure your pet can comfortably eat, drink, and sleep but can’t reach problem areas.
Monitor your pet’s tolerance at first. Remove for periodic breaks if needed.
Replace when unsupervised to prevent licking, biting, or scratching.
Remove at meal times and re-secure after. Adjust fit as needed.
Clean plastic with soap and water as required. Discontinue use as directed by your vet.

Customer Reviews

Pet owners love the comfort and effectiveness of the Depets cone for their cats, small breed dogs, rabbits, and other little furry patients. Hear what they have to say:

“This e-collar was a lifesaver after my cat Emmy’s surgery. She hated the rigid cone from the vet but tolerated this one well. It prevented her from bothering her incision without blocking her vision. The velcro makes it easy to remove for meals and put back on afterwards. I’m so glad I found this product!” – Sarah R.

“I have a very active Yorkie who was miserable in the hard plastic cone. This soft one was the perfect solution after he got neutered. He could eat and sleep comfortably but couldn’t lick his surgery site. The adjustable velcro kept it secure around his neck without choking him. It made the recovery process much less stressful.” – Mark T.

“When my Holland Lop rabbit had a procedure done, I needed an e-collar that was comfortable but would also stay on an active bunny. This Depets cone was perfect! It provided full protection while being lightweight and breathable. The adjustable straps customized the fit. I’m so glad I found an effective but gentle option.” – Amy L.

Order the Depets Recovery Collar Today!

Help your pet heal in comfort – order the Depets adjustable protective cone today! This Elizabethan collar prevents licking, biting, and scratching so wounds and irritations recover cleanly and quickly. The breathable lightweight plastic and velcro straps provide the perfect customizable fit. Your furry friend will appreciate the recovery assistance. Make healing as stress-free as possible – click Add to Cart now!


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