DELIFUR Adorable Dinosaur Pet Costume – Let Your Dog or Cat Transport Back to the Jurassic Era!



Make way for the ferocious dinosaur pet stalking your home! With the DELIFUR Dinosaur Dog and Cat Costume, your pet can look just like a miniature T-Rex or raptor from the hit movie franchise. This creative and adorable Jurassic World-inspired dinosaur hoodie will transform your dog or cat into the star attraction at your next Halloween party or fun dress-up day.

Realistic Dinosaur Design for Pets

This pet dinosaur costume features a hood with eyes, teeth, horns and spikes just like a dinosaur! The back has soft spikes and an attached tail just like the stegosaurus. The smooth velvet fabric feels soft and comfortable for your pet while giving them a realistic dinosaur look. Available in pink or green colors.

Safe and Comfortable Materials

The dinosaur hoodie is made from high quality velvet that is super soft and comfortable for dogs and cats to wear. The costume fastens with velcro closures under the belly so it’s easy to put on and stays secure while your pet plays. The hood fits snugly over your pet’s head without obstructing their vision or impairing movement.

Perfect for Halloween Dress Up and Parties

This creative dinosaur costume will get all the laughs and attention at Halloween parties and trick or treating! Pair it with a caveman or jungle explorer costume for the whole family theme. Your pet will love being part of the fun while staying comfortable in their cozy dino hoodie. Great for pets of all ages from puppies to senior dogs and kittens to cats.

Fun for Dress Up Days and Photos

In addition to Halloween, this costume works for any fun dress up days you want to plan for your pet! They’ll be ready for photos in their ferocious dino outfit. Just snap on their hoodie when you want some cute and funny pet photos to share on social media or with friends. It’s sure to bring lots of smiles and laughs.

Design Features:

Hood design with dino eyes, teeth, horns and soft spikes
Attached plush tail in back
Velcro closures for secure and comfortable fit
Smooth velvet fabric in pink or green color
Sizes for pets 4-10 lbs (Size S)

Size Chart:

Take measurements of your pet to ensure the best fit. The dinosaur hoodie should be form-fitting but not too tight. Refer to the size chart for recommended measurements.

Size S:

Length: 10 inches
Chest Girth: 17 inches
Neck Girth: 14 inches
For pets 4-10 lbs

Frequently Asked Questions:

What type of pets can wear the dinosaur costume?

This dinosaur hoodie is designed for small dogs and cats weighing 4-10 lbs. It is not recommended for larger pets over 10 lbs. Measure your pet carefully to ensure the best size.

How do I put the costume on my pet?

Unfasten the velcro closures under the belly and slip your pet’s head through the hood opening. Pull the rest of the costume over their body and refasten the velcro securely but not too tight. Attach the tail accessory.

Is this costume comfortable for my pet?

Made from soft, high quality velvet, this costume is designed to allow your pet to move comfortably and see clearly. The hood fits snugly but does not constrict movement. Supervise your pet at first to ensure they can move freely.

Can the costume be machine washed?

Yes, you can machine wash the dinosaur costume in cold water and tumble dry low. Do not use bleach.

Bring your prehistoric pet to life in this fun and imaginative dinosaur costume from DELIFUR! Your dog or cat will get attention and compliments every time they wear this unique outfit. Order the DELIFUR Dinosaur Dog and Cat Costume today!


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