Dechra EpiKlean Ear Cleanser for Dogs and Cats – General Ear Cleaning Solution (12oz)



Keep your furry friend’s ears clean and healthy with Dechra EpiKlean Ear Cleanser. Specially formulated for dogs and cats, this general purpose ear cleanser helps remove dirt, debris, and waxy buildup to keep ears fresh.

Gentle Cleansing for Pet Ears

EpiKlean contains a mild, non-irritating formula that is safe for regular use. It will not sting or burn, making cleaning time stress-free for both you and your pet. The solution helps lift away debris and dissolve ear wax to gently cleanse your pet’s ears.

Drying Formula for Fresh Ears

In addition to cleaning, EpiKlean also aids in drying the ear canal thanks to its unique drying agents. Many times, moisture trapped in an animal’s ears can lead to infection and irritation if not properly dried out. This ear cleanser helps absorb and evaporate excess moisture while bathing the ears in a soothing wash.

Made in the USA

Dechra is a trusted American company known for its veterinarian-approved pet products. Their solutions are crafted under strict quality control right here in the United States. You can feel good knowing you’re using a safe, effective ear cleanser made by a reputable company.

Simple Use for All Ear Types

EpiKlean can be used on any dog or cat regardless of ear type. The versatile formula is great for floppy, erect, or infected ears. Simply apply a small amount to a cotton ball and gently wipe out visible dirt. Take care not to insert the cotton too deeply into the ear canal. Massage the base of the ears to help work the solution in.

For Routine Ear Care

Use EpiKlean as part of your regular pet grooming routine to maintain clean, healthy ears. For dogs, be sure to check and clean ears weekly. For cats, ear cleaning may be needed every 1-2 weeks. Keep an eye on any odors, redness, or discharge as these can be signs of infection requiring veterinarian attention.

12 oz Bottle for Multiple Uses

The 12 ounce bottle contains enough solution for multiple ear cleanings. A little goes a long way, so one bottle will last through months of use. The flip-top dispenser makes it easy to pour out just the right amount. The bottle is also recyclable when finished.

Trusted Brand for Pet Care

Dechra is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of pets worldwide. Their products are veterinarian recommended and backed by scientific research. Pet owners can trust Dechra solutions like EpiKlean ear cleanser to be gentle, effective, and made with care.

Quality Ingredients

EpiKlean contains:

  • Salicylic Acid – Helps break up wax
  • Boric Acid – Soothes irritation
  • Acriflavine – Anti-microbial action
  • Deionized Water – Gentle cleaning

Easy Ordering on Amazon

Purchase EpiKlean ear cleanser right here on Amazon for convenient home delivery. Find it under the Pet Supplies section. Subscribe and save with repeat deliveries. See why customers love this ear wash for keeping their pets’ ears fresh and clean.

Order a bottle today and help reduce odor, irritation, debris, and moisture in your dog or cat’s ears. EpiKlean is a vet-recommended ear cleanser that is gentle, effective, and made in the USA. Your pets will thank you for keeping their ears happy and healthy with Dechra quality solutions.


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